Sinn Fein’s strangely regular accomodation expenses…

Seymour Major has had a look at the expense figures for Northern Ireland’s MPs and finds that one of the least expensive to run is the one (in his own party, almost) that is not also an MLA… He also notes that Sinn Fein’s MP’s expenses (with the exception of Gerry Adams) round up to, erm, round figures… Whatever about the Robinson’s double helping, that is very curious…

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  • fin

    That’ll be because SF MPs’ stay in a house and a flat while in London and the cost is divided between them.

  • Perhaps these figures are a mere drop in the ocean compared to the PRM’s other financial resources.

  • fin

    but of course this only concerns SF’s finances, which to my knowledge are regulated like any other partys, and not their supporters.

    I’m sure the tories and labour parties are grateful to be only responsible for their own finances and not those of their supporters, especially as their supporters are responsible for bankrupting the country to satisfy their own greed

  • willis

    So what did Gerry spend £131 on??

  • Willis,

    £131 looks a bit high for a pornographic movie. Perhaps Gerry took all his party colleagues out to the Shinnerma

  • “this only concerns SF’s finances”

    I understood all aspects of the PRM were managed/governed by the Army Council.

  • fin

    Just waiting for an email from P O’Neill on what to reply with, might take a while as he’s currently booking summer holidays for the movement and then he has to contact all our neighbours to see if they’d mind looking after our pets for two weeks in July.

  • joeCanuck

    131 was the cost of the bug sweeping device. The regs specifically allow that as a household expense.

  • maclochlainn

    Maybe they just, erm, rounded them down.

  • Brian MacAodh


  • fin, there are so many ‘P O’Neills’ now …

  • fin

    Nevin, I’ve checked the telephone directory and although there are several P O’Neills listed only one has an address “care of the Army Council” so I guess he’s the one

  • Would that be the Real P O’Neill – if it’s not a provisional entry?

  • fin

    Nevin, Just checking my collection of back dated telephone directories and he seem’s to be in all of them continously so let me say Provisionally, as he’s showing Continuity I imagine he is the Real P O’Neill, but of course thats not Offical. However if he’s the Old P O’Neill or P O’Neill Og I dunno.