Google preparing to ‘starve’ Firefox out of existence?

This is strictly under the heading of Geek news, but the politics are interesting too. It seems that since the launch of its strangely seductive (but annoyingly intolerant) Chrome browser, Google is now preparing to cut off the ‘non profit”s ad revenues from referrals through its Google toolbar… Who knew the economics of open source were so volatile? Sounds like some Firefox engineers are preparing to jump inside Google’s high walled garden… So, don’t be evil (until you ‘rule the world’, that is)…

  • Got to confess I don’t understand a word of that.

  • Mack

    Could be a short sighted move, IE is still dominant if Firefox were to fail there’s no guarantee Chrome would plug the gap.

    But surely Mozilla could negogiate a deal with one of the other search engines – Yahoo, ASK, AOL or even Microsoft. Google would be turning their back on a lot of traffic.

    Incidentally, I’d heard of Firefox contributors being paid by certain corporations to, eh, work from home with no specific project work having been assigned..

  • Gawker. Oh Mick… They are obsessed with Marissa Mayer for one thing.

    As for Mozillians heading to Google, no surprise there – when Ben Goodger went there four years ago people predicted doom there too. He works more on Chrome now but Firefox is still progressing without him.

    All that this will entail is that Mozilla’s rapid growth in corporatey overhead will have to be reined in – bad news for Mitchell Baker’s travel budget I guess, especially since with Mozilla Suite, Composer and Thunderbird thrown overboard (on an official basis) there’s not much left to cut…