Cross community measures cover Sammy’s unscientific knowledge…

Climate change is being subjected to a cross community vote in the Assembly today. But the DUP is going against its own policy to protect an Environment Minister who has taken a stance on climate change that is against it’s own policy. On the Politics Show yesterday, Arlene Foster dismisses the motion her party oppses as a stunt (which may be fair comment). But Alisdair McDonnell was probably not wrong either when he says that ‘Sammy’s making a bit of joke of the whole thing’… Whatever the evidence for and against action on Climate Change (no one doubts is happening), Sammy himself has been bouncing around on the issue… The case for the prosecution nicely put here: “In the meantime Sammy show us your science or it’s to the pedalos and organic veg.”

Oh, and Sammy. If you’re reading, someone’s Twittering in your name already

  • And they (or someone else) has now taken up the mantle of impersonating Jim Allister too.

  • There have been a lot of jokes made about Wilson. I am not going to add to them because we need to take seriously his attitude towards climate change.

    I would not have a problem with him having doubts about scientific thinking and then citing the dissenters to mainstream thinking. What is wrong with his attitude is that he is not even open-minded. He has decided that climate change is not man made, as if he represents the highest scientific authority.

    This makes him dangerous as a politician. He will reach the conclusions that he wants to reach and then look for the evidence to support it after the event.