‘Dirty war, mind games, psychological warfare and black ops’

Declan Kearney, Sinn Féin National Chairperson, writes on recent events in yesterday’s An Phoblacht. I’m not sure exactly what he is driving at with elements of his article but I’ve extracted some sections that seem to be focusing on a theme:

AT the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle meeting on 7 March we discussed PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde’s call some days previously for the redeployment of British undercover soldiers in the North and the staged media leaks beforehand. The meeting was reminded that, notwithstanding the advances of the Peace Process, the shadow of the ‘Dirty War’ remains. It was a prescient reminder – some 10 hours later, two British soldiers were shot dead in Antrim.
Make no mistake about this: the impetus for that attack and the killing of a policeman in Craigavon two days later did not originate with real republicans. The clue to understanding these events stems back to the work of agents provocateurs.


The recent killings owe nothing to a resurgent armed struggle and everything to the machinations of the old dirty war; then add to the mix the potential for agents provocateurs


These events need to be understood for what they are, as not only anti-Peace Process but also anti-republican and counter-revolutionary. They required that the republican struggle, and by extension the aim of Irish unity, be defended by Sinn Féin. That was the correct strategic thing to do. And doing
this in itself left the way open for other hostile commentators to conjure up their own latter-day civil war polemical analysis and imagery. So what is going on?

It’s all familiar terrain, with the distinct echoes of mind games, psychological warfare, the stuff of ‘black operations’ and, behind all that, the manipulation of agents provocateurs. The shadow of the dirty war still looms.

  • veritas

    SF reaps what it sows….they can`t have it both ways….

    they can`t distance themselves from the PSNI when it suits them.

    Anyway all this talk of a “dirty war” when they are still riddled with informers, one very very highly placed!

  • The clue to understanding these events stems back to the work of agents provocateurs.

    There is a more rational explanation than the conventional one as to why the Republican Movement panicked and allowed and I’ll say it again, allowed the dissident attacks. You must ask the question, who has infiltrated the dissidents more, Sinn Fein or the British or PSNI? The answer is evidently that it is not the British or PSNI, or they would have stopped the killings. Some people realise that Sinn Fein have a vested interest in controlling the dissidents, who they need when there is heavy lifting to be done in the peace process.

    I have my own story of the killings and Sinn Fein’s complicity in them. It involves the Bishop of Derry and a book I have written, which the Bishop has indicated that he will send to a theologian for review.

    Bishop Seamus Hegarty’s unwitting intervention in writing to me to inform me that he would seek to have a professional theologian look at my book seems to have unnerved the Republican Movement. The book refers to my 1986 experience in discovering that Gerry Adams name comes out at 666 on a numeric alphabet.

    It seems that my attempt to get press coverage was a signal to them to try to underscore Gerry Adams’ position and make it seem unassailable by using their influence with dissident republicans who then attacked Massereen Barracks. The PSNI officer was the icing on the cake, in their perverse terms, keeping Adams even more sweet and the press’s attention away from my book.

    Again the only (much delayed) coverage I get for the story came last Friday in the Derry Journal and that day there also appears a letter in the Irish News from a Cork priest, belittling Mark Durkan and the SDLP (and our support), and supporting the Sinn Fein position that the IRA violence of the Troubles was justified. My coverage was delayed in my opinion to give them time to get that opposing measure in place.

    So it really comes down to Sinn Fein’s control of the dissidents and their fear of my book.

  • ulsterfan

    Is SF throwing up a smokescreen to deflect attention from their association with “Dissidents”?
    Lets look a bit closer to find the truth and to keep them under scrutiny.

  • me arse

    you wouldnt like to look at p34 of todays Irish News to see how ridiculous your diatribe reads

  • Read that article Mark. It is bizarre. And a lot of verbiage for not very much actual argument. A poorly thought-through piece of work.

  • Mick Fealty

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  • Shame that you’ve had to do this Mick, do to one header’s comments. Especially when I missed them!

  • Mick Fealty

    You did not miss much gari. It was pretty cold and seemingly calculated to break the law.

  • Cheers Mick. Disgraceful if people are trying to get you in trouble. Let them pay the price.

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    Sounds like we’re ‘well rid of riddler’.

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    yes, of course john, everything is about you and 666. 72 is a good number and so is 43987530946 but I’m not sure what name they spell, maybe you’d work it out for me.

  • Mark McGregor


    I don’t know why I bother. If I could delete the blog I would. ‘They’ win – no sensible discussion allowed -sin é!

  • Hard to have a sensible discussion about what was a far from sensible piece to beging with Mark. it was a bit schizoid. Blaming the attacks on the Brits, but also on people who ndidn’t understand the necessary struggle properly who can be convinced of the right way. This need to be seen to be confronting the British gets silly at times.

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    66+6=72.You’re a convert.Good luck.

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    ’66+6=72.You’re a convert.Good luck’

    Many thanks,laughter is the best medicine

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    No john, I really do laugh a lot, I try to find the funny side of things and it’s almost always there. I started to paint by numbers once but scared the life out of myself looking at the numbers. 136 is a number I have used a few times and I’m very fond of 5 along with 27 and a big long number that I have forgotten.
    May your God be with you, John.