3000 Versts makes Orwell Prize Shortlist!!

Now this is something that really ought to give the judges at the Irish Blog Awards (who failed to pick him up in their shortlists) a second thought… Chekov is (almost) speechless… but he’s made the shortlist for the blog category for the Orwell Prize… This is a serious business with a named and highly serious judging panel… I’m happy to say Chekov made our last three and was only beaten by Nevin because of the particularly strong work NALIL did on one of the biggest stories of the year… Richly deserved… Go to Sir!!!

  • slug

    I nominated him for Slugger, on account of his excellent style of writing, and feel vindicated by this shortlisting.

  • Pete Baker

    Congrats to Chekov.

    Let us hope he’ll be more civil to lesser mortals as a result ;o)

    And while the panel list Mick linked to doesn’t include the blog judges, it’s worth noting who Chekov was in competition with from the longlist.

  • slug

    Congragulations Checkov. This is amazing. Those are great blogs you are up there with, and that is a very distinguished, and discerning, panel.

  • frustrated democrat

    A very talented writer on a wide range of subjects (incluing the great mouse hunt) congratulations on this shortlisting.

  • kensei

    What was Orwell’s opinion of censorship, out of interest? I believe he told me he’d delete every comment I put up in future.

  • One of the best blogs out there – thoroughly deserved!

  • KieranJ

    It’s a silly award. Kind of like the folks in Hollywood applauding each other on Oscar night when truly informed and knowledgable people know it is a closed society.

    A complete sham proffered by inferior and insecure individuals who will jump at any chance to receive a meaningless accolade.

  • frustrated democrat


    There is always a begruger around. I suppose you have never won anything.

  • Rosses L

    Well done very much deserved.

  • Thanks Mick. Thanks everyone. Even though clearly getting shortlisted by an organisation I’ve never had any dealings with run by people whom I’ve never heard of is an example of ‘closed society’. Btw Pete, I’m sorry for any ‘incivility’ you may have experienced from me. Actually I hold your pieces in high esteem.

  • slug

    Mick – you might now consider fixing your link to 3000Versts? Which has one too many /’s at the end.

  • Congratulations!
    Richly deserved for the quality of writing and the wide variety of topics covered. Presumably there were no Latvian nationalists on the judging panel though;)

  • If there were, O’Neill, they’ll be gutted today, when I reference an article on Latvia’s dwindling population. 😉

  • Well done, Chekov.

    Just a brief observation about Mick’s comment on NALIL. I think it’s unlikely that NALIL would have featured on Slugger, let alone the Slugger Awards, had the MSM not ‘stumbled on’ the NALIL stories – thanks to the ubiquitous Google.

    It should be a cause for concern that other stories, possibly of much greater significance, apparently are being deliberately ignored by the MSM. Why should this be so? Why should the MSM be cowed by the threat of a legal writ or, perhaps, concerns about the actions of Government ministers and/or their senior civil servants.

    And a big thank you to whistleblowers and concerned citizens across these two islands. Don’t let the ***** …

  • tremendous work and hopefully that will give blogging a much needed push in the North…..

  • Pete Baker


    I wasn’t necessarily referring to my own posts..

  • Pigeon Toes

    “I’m happy to say Chekov made our last three and was only beaten by Nevin because of the particularly strong work NALIL did on one of the biggest stories of the year”

    So Nevin’s work would have been without merit, if the MSM had not validated it?


    Nevin, you won’t be buying a new shirt for next years awards then?

  • PT, don’t tell anyone but I didn’t buy a new shirt for this year’s awards 😉

    The award came as a great surprise; it was also a great honour. I’m very grateful to Mick for persevering with the invitation to the event as I’m difficult to prize out of Moyle.

    I suppose I should thank Ian Paisley jnr and Seymour Sweeney too; without them there would have been no award winning stories.

    The award also gave the blog a certain gravitas. It appears to have had a discomforting effect on public servants in more than one jurisdiction. The possibility of material appearing in NALIL and related blogs is the new excuse for refusing to respond positively to Freedom of Information requests.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Nevin I’m shocked…..and no doubt those same public servants will be regarding the non-purchase of new shirt for the awards ceremony.

    You should have applied for a grant. I’m sure the cost of a new shirt would not be “significant”.

    Were you nervous prior to the award, apparently shakig hands is not a good sign!

  • CW

    Well done to Chekov. A remarkable achievement considering the strength of the competition he was up against.

  • Cheers CW. Like the new look by the way!

  • CW

    I needed to do a bit of spring-cleaning, so a redecoration of the premises wasw long overdue!