“some of the systems of the past, but with a different image now..”

Policing Board Chairman, Desmond Rea, and the Chief Constable, Hugh Orde, told the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive Review Committee today of the pressures on the policing budget – including the estimated £76million cost of countering continued republican paramilitary activity over the next two years. But on Stormont Live Mark Devenport identified what Hugh Orde was actually revealing when he was talking about the need for helicopter “top-cover” and “armoured vehicles that don’t look like armoured vehicles” – “a sort of a return to some of the systems of the past, but with a different image now.”

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  • Glensman

    Along with the re-introduction of MI5 (did they ever leave) to policing this really is harking back to the past by Orde. Is this what we were promised in Patton?

  • joeCanuck

    armoured vehicles that don’t look like armoured vehicles

    If they can develop some that look like Afghani farmers carts, they will have no problem selling oodles of them to us Canadians.

  • IRIA

    Re: Armour vehicles:maybe they’ll look like a tortoise.

  • All this talk of spending £76 million on equipment for the police is a bit silly when you realize that there is a more rational explanation as to why the Republican Movement panicked and allowed and I’ll say it again, allowed the dissident attacks. You must ask the question, who has infiltrated the dissidents more, Sinn Fein or the British or PSNI? The answer is evidently that it is not the British or PSNI.

    Dr Seamus Hegarty’s unwitting intervention in writing to me to inform me that he would seek to have a professional theologian look at my book seems to have unnerved the Republican Movement. The books refers to my 1986 experience in discovering that Gerry Adams name comes out at 666 on a numeric alphabet.

    It seems that my attempt to get press coverage was a signal to them to try to underscore Gerry Adams’ position and make it seem unassailable by using their influence with dissident republicans who then attacked Massereen Barracks. The PSNI officer was the icing on the cake, in their perverse terms, keeping Adams even more sweet.

    Again the only (much delayed) coverage I get for the story came last Friday in the Derry Journal and that day there also appears a letter in the Irish News from a Cork priest, belittling Mark Durkan and the SDLP (and our support), and supporting the Sinn Fein position that the IRA violence of the Troubles was justified. My coverage was delayed in my opinion to give them time to get that opposing measure in place.



    You well ex-St Columb’s, Derry, last night!

  • joeCanuck

    You well ex-St Columb’s, Derry, last night!

    No comprende.

  • Peter Fyfe

    We can not keep going back to the old ways. Gerry Adams was not just criticising prolounged detention for a soundbite. A return to the security of the old days is not wanted. Just because internment is now law in england does not mean it is no longer an affront to human rights here. Nobody has to be remembered how an anti-internment parade went in Derry. I hear of smothering dissidents, why not let us here their arguement? It is that absurd, I fully believe when aired people will not listen. Some will, we all know that, and some people may be killed in between. Though we have to realise society has changed, gun crime here is tame compared to parts of Britian and ROI. We do not want police or soldiers killed but how much more protection do the deserve than a youth in toxteth or brixton. I have no doubt some dissidents would be in street gangs if the had grew up in a major english city. I will always say the best way of demonstrating the GFA is the best option is by showing people on the ground it is worth something. Sadly with squabbles on education, P&J, the Maze, an enviroment minister who does not believe in conserving energy and an apparent £1bn hole in public finances we must improve quickly. Our politicians must demonstrate that the political classes will always win by doing what the people expect of them and that simply is to govern in the interests of the average man, woman or child. Otherwise Peter Roinson’s words ring hollow.

  • JoeCanuck

    It seems that your name is subject to a franchise and used by whomever has the temerity to be available that night.

    You really can’t recall telling me that you were at St Columb’s College, Derry? I must be right then about the franchise.

  • joeCanuck

    I really don’t know what you are talking about.
    I was at St.Columb’s.

  • Sorry Joe. You must have emigrated to Canada or else you were one of the very few Canadians who came across the Atlantic every morning.

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    I’ve already had to intervene on this post a number of times and the conversation is still running away from the actual topic.

    I don’t want to have to close another post to comments because of trolls and impersonators – which brings an immediate ban.

    Try to focus on what’s in the original post – hint: it’s not about you, John – and keep it civil.

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    Bah! That was me.


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    I trust you’re not referring to me, Pete. Yes, I’m currently off-track, though my first comment was related to the topic. As regards the other two, #5 and 8, I was simply replying to John. He did/does have me confused.

  • percy

    Policing is costing alot of money, esp with the dissident threats; wonder how this will effect the devolution of P&J.
    Can’t afford it? Can afford it?

  • Pete Baker


    If your comments haven’t been moderated then no, I wasn’t referring directly to you.

    Just try not to get side-tracked so easily.

  • NCM

    Maybe next time you guys should try to win, not draw.

  • joeCanuck

    Pete, good.

    Policing is costing a lot of money

    Is it really? Yes 76M is a lot; but is that incremental money?
    The Parties, well the DUP, are saying they need more for P&J. But do they really or, at least, will there be an incremental cost to the UK exchequer? P&J is being administered right now. Someone is being paid to do it.

    lol; code word is “give”

  • percy

    I suspected the unionists would try the “can’t afford it argument”, as the other one’s got bells on it.

  • Gregory

    “If they can develop some that look like Afghani farmers carts, they will have no problem selling oodles of them to us Canadians.”

    The Brits had a tradition of cloaking the difficult to shift orphans of British Leyland with a Ned Kelly outfit.