Committee recommends fortnightly questioning of lycanthropes to continue

Some dishonourable person has leaked some of the recommendations of the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee on Procedures for improving the Assembly’s Question Time to the BBC’s Martina Purdy. Specifically the recommendation on whether to reduce the alternating fortnightly appearances of the First and deputy First Ministers to once every full moon – see previous post here. The report is due to be published next week and then the Assembly will decide whether to accept the recommendations. From the BBC report

The BBC has learned that the committee has decided against any change. However, its report which is due to be released next week does agree that junior ministers should in future be allowed to answer questions specific to their brief when appropriate.

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  • joeCanuck

    Personally, I would have them put on the spot every week.
    Mind you, as they almost all in it together up on the Hill, does anyone ask really hard questions?

  • Once more into the ‘thorny places’, Joe, including the little emperors with no clothes.