Litir Oscailte do Dhominic Ó Brollacháin BTR / Open letter to Dominic Bradley MLA


I will have to apologise, I have re-interogated my sources – I have as one poster has put it ‘been sold a pup.’ I felt that as my source was a person I trusted and without political ties, I trusted the story 100%.

However, my ‘letter’ to Dominic was inaccurate on two counts.

1. The recent meeting(s) regarding this matter were a private ones. No politican would have been invited.

2. The public meeting at which ONE SDLP councillor spoke againist IME education in Cushendall was in fact sometime ago.

Gael le náire

My apologies to all concerned.

I shall write privately to the councillors involved to apologise in this matter, I will refrain froim deleting the thread as I believe that that would be quite dishonest. I shall leave it as a lesson to myself and others – check and recheck sources.

Is mise

A Dhominic, a chara,

Cad is fiú do Bhille d’Acht na Gaeilge (Bille de chuid an SDLP?) muna bhfuil comhairleoirí de chuid an SDLP sásta tacú leis an Ghaeloideachas ar an talamh?

Déanaim tagairt ar ndóigh don chruinniú a bhí ar siúl i mBun Abhann Dalla an mhí seo caite, cruinniú ar son naíscoil a bhunú sa cheantar. Tháinig dhá chomhairleoir de chuid an SDLP (ainmneacha ar fáil gaelgannaire – ag – chun labhairt i gcoinne na Naíscoil.

An bhfuil an SDLP aontaithe ar an cheist seo ar chór ar bith.

Is mise le meas mór go fóill

GGNDear Dominic,

What is the point of the ‘Bradley’ Bill / Irish language Bill put forward by yourself (and the SDLP?) if SDLP councillors are going to oppose IME on the ground?

I refer of course to the recent meeting in Cushendall concerning getting a naíscoil underway – attended by two SDLP councillors who spoke out againist the naíscoil (I have the names!).

Are the SDLP united on this question or not?

Your faithfully


  • Ulsters my homeland

    Thought i’d drop in and say hello.

  • RG Cuan

    Bíonn Dominic ag obair go dícheallach ar son na teanga ach ní mór don chuid eile den SDLP seasamh s’acu ar an Ghaeilge a léiriú go soiléir.

    Cad é atá ag tarlú leis an naíscoil anois a GGN?

  • Gael gan Náire

    Tá mé ag cuartú níos mó eolais. Seo an chineál scéil a bhí Lá Nua thar a bheith úsáideach fána choinne.

    Tá a fhios agam go maith go mbíonn Dominic ag seasamh le cás na Gaeilge agus go bhfuil dúil aige i nGaelscolaíocht, ach tá sé san SDLP agus chaithfidh sé cruthú dúinn go bhfuil sé in inmhe troid ar son na Gaeilge istigh sa pháirtí sin – ní leor seasamh i gcoinne Shinn Féin a ghlacadh gan sin a dhéanamh.

    Cá bhfios, seans go mbuailfidh sé isteach linn.

  • Táim i ngrá le argòint ‘dubh agus ban’.

    Ah enough of that. After 18 years of Irish being taught Irish the only things I can remember are ‘Ni fheadar’ or ‘Rinne me dearmad’

    GNN there may be a case for a naiscoil (or even a Gaelscoil) in Cushendall but you haven’t made it in your letter. All you’ve done is make vague references and supported them by saying you have the names of the Councillors. The SDLP only have three in that Council area (If I’m getting my geography right) so why not include who they are and more importantly what they say.

    If I were a Councillor would I support more developments like the 7 Towers in North Belfast to be built because it could address the shortage of social housing in that area? No. Does that mean I’m against social housing? No. It can mean I’m against shitty social housing that would be a nightmare for those living in it. It may also mean I want to see the working class driven from the area but no one can ever know unless they hear my explanation.

    So why do the mean ol’ Social Democrats want to stop the toddlers ag imirt?

  • brendan,belfast

    GNN – maybe you would be happier leaving the develoment of the language to SF? Let’s see now, just where is that promised Irish Language Act??

  • Gael gan Náire


    “maybe you would be happier leaving the develoment of the language to SF?”

    I would prefer all nationalist parties were united and strong on the issue, but you are right, apart from the notable exception of Dominic, it appears to be the policy of the SDLP no to support the language – a great pity.

    “Let’s see now, just where is that promised Irish Language Act?? ”

    There is no Irish Language Act, because of, depending on your point of view, Sinn Féin’s incompetence, Unionists opposition, the British Government’s treachery.

    However the SDLP have a Bill before the assembly. My question is, what is the point of the bill if in reality SDLP elected reps are going to fight the growth of the language on the ground?

    What is the purpose of the SDLP’s Bill? Grandstanding? Out-greening SF?

  • Hogan

    Perhaps those SDLP councillors are (shock horror) putting the whole argument into the context of educational and economic realities!!!

    Taking into account that the overall school population is clearly declining in that part of North Antrim (ref. last weeks sensible decision to amalgamate three schools into one) perhaps they do not want to see further dilutions of what ever education institutions are there at the minute and put them under more pressure?

  • Gael gan Náire


    Perhaps, but then why do they propose an Irish Language Act? Have the SDLP actually read the ‘Bradley Bill’.

    Would it not be fair enough for unionists to view the SDLP language Bill with some suspicion in this context?

    I would say also that the ‘educational reality’ is that IME is going against the tide.

    I would say that the reality is that many if not most Irish people believe that access to an education through Irish should be a right no a privelidge – the SDLP demonstratably oppose this right – so be it. They cannot expect people to lay down and take it. They cannot expect it not to be an electoral issue.

  • Irish and proud

    Maybe the SDLP Councillors could get a bit of clarification here and be given the dates of a recent meeting and what exactly the Councillors have objected to?

    I am a Glens Councillor and I have not attended any recent meeting about a Naiscoil in the Glens or any meeting even to discuss the Irish language and would appreciate being told what I have or have not supposedly been saying!

  • Abair an fhírinne

    Gael gan Naire,

    Please answer post no.9 or withdraw the thread

  • i wonder

    GGN has obviously lost the names of the SDLP Councillors!


  • Abair an fhirinne

    Gael gan Naire

    Deafened by your silence, answer post no.9 or withdraw the allegations.

    Date,Time,Venue of the alleged meeting and those in attendance.

    Have you been sold a dummy !!!!

    Publish or be damned!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Abair an fhírinne

    Gael gan Naire

    You have yet to answer post No.9 (which was posted by a Glens Councillor) if you can’t substantiate your claims withdraw them.

    Maybe you should use the pseudonym Gael gan Fhirinne

  • Gael gan Náire

    Abair an fhírinne,

    In any occasion when facts are contested I will re-check my sources, this I am doing in this occasion.

    However, I would not have published without being sure of my sources I assure you.

    I would like to point out that in my letter to Dominic I did not actually state that the councillors were from the Glens.

    On the general point, I have been informed of a number of incidents regarding SDLP councillors and IME, I intend to post them when I am satisfied I can stand over each and every point.

  • Glenariffe Abu


    “I would like to point out that in my letter to Dominic I did not actually state that the councillors were from the Glens”

    So SDLP councillors from outside the Glens attended a meeting in Cushendall regarding a naiscoil for the Glens and are supposed to have spoke against it ?????

    Something very strange about this one?????

    Have you spoken to any of the five councillors in the area(2SF,2SDLP and 1 Independent), how many were invited to the meeting?

    Have you spoken to anyone from Glor na Maoile,were they invited to the meeting?

    Why was the meeting not advertised locally,I don’t know of any letters ofinvite,any posters in the local shops or notices in the local parish bulletins?

    Did a meeting actually take place?……I really doubt it

  • Gael gan Náire

    Note, thread updated.

  • Glenariffe Abu

    Gael gan Naire,

    Maith thu…….You deserve great credit for acknowledging the errors of the original misinformation.

    I am pretty certain I was in attendance at the meeting you are being prompted to refer to,(circa 2002),the context of the meeting was to save the Glenann Primary school (outside Cushendall)the then SDLP MLA Sean Farren argued bi-lingually that any proposed new Bunscoil should think about sharing the site of the threatened School and securing the future of a small Catholic rural primary school and promoting IME at the same time.

    Again well done for the new clarity.

    Up the Ossians