Litir Oscailte do Dhominic Ó Brollacháin BTR / Open letter to Dominic Bradley MLA


I will have to apologise, I have re-interogated my sources – I have as one poster has put it ‘been sold a pup.’ I felt that as my source was a person I trusted and without political ties, I trusted the story 100%.

However, my ‘letter’ to Dominic was inaccurate on two counts.

1. The recent meeting(s) regarding this matter were a private ones. No politican would have been invited.

2. The public meeting at which ONE SDLP councillor spoke againist IME education in Cushendall was in fact sometime ago.

Gael le náire

My apologies to all concerned.

I shall write privately to the councillors involved to apologise in this matter, I will refrain froim deleting the thread as I believe that that would be quite dishonest. I shall leave it as a lesson to myself and others – check and recheck sources.

Is mise

A Dhominic, a chara,

Cad is fiú do Bhille d’Acht na Gaeilge (Bille de chuid an SDLP?) muna bhfuil comhairleoirí de chuid an SDLP sásta tacú leis an Ghaeloideachas ar an talamh?

Déanaim tagairt ar ndóigh don chruinniú a bhí ar siúl i mBun Abhann Dalla an mhí seo caite, cruinniú ar son naíscoil a bhunú sa cheantar. Tháinig dhá chomhairleoir de chuid an SDLP (ainmneacha ar fáil gaelgannaire – ag – chun labhairt i gcoinne na Naíscoil.

An bhfuil an SDLP aontaithe ar an cheist seo ar chór ar bith.

Is mise le meas mór go fóill

GGNDear Dominic,

What is the point of the ‘Bradley’ Bill / Irish language Bill put forward by yourself (and the SDLP?) if SDLP councillors are going to oppose IME on the ground?

I refer of course to the recent meeting in Cushendall concerning getting a naíscoil underway – attended by two SDLP councillors who spoke out againist the naíscoil (I have the names!).

Are the SDLP united on this question or not?

Your faithfully


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