Northern Ireland via ‘Street View’

This is the kind of tool you can afford to deploy when you have stacks and stacks of cash… The Google Streetview tool is weirdly compelling, and maybe even occasionally useful when lost in unfamiliar parts… It covers a chunk of Northern Ireland, but only greater Belfast well…

  • Comrade Stalin

    Wow, my house is in full few. And my brown bin’s out so I even know when it was done, it was late last spring. The pictures are about a year old, the satellite images are about two years old.

    It’s a bit scary in some ways, but at least they cover up number plates.

  • Some of my neighbours’ wheelie bins were out, but mine wasn’t.

    Freaky or what!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I’m sure I could make our number plate out…

    Very impressive nonetheless.

  • gc

    Looks like their face recognition software is too good!,-5.952545&panoid=bmcwdgkjGsRFBAP-LlPaLw&cbp=11,282.22009428836395,,0,-1.6914498141263943&ll=54.59818,-5.952326&spn=0.00179,0.008626&z=17

  • In most of the shots my car number plate is blanked out. But in one you can fecking read it. Not too keen on that.

    The next door neighbour is out chatting to the alcoholic lady two doors down who is propped up between the fence and her wheelie bin. And being that it’s Belfast two fat girls in pyjamas are wheeling a pram along the street.

    Can’t help but feel this reminds me of nothing so much as the ‘Doomsday Book’ which was a laser disk circa 1991.

  • dunreavynomore

    Someone needs to contact wee McElduff as I’ve just put in Crossmaglen to be told that it is in the U.K and the first photo it showed was of the ‘police station’. Come out Barry, wherever you are!
    It’s a great tool, though, slagging aside.

  • joeCanuck

    Not too keen on that.

    I believe they will fix that, Chekov, if you e-mail details to them.

  • joeCanuck
  • Cheers Joe.

  • My area is not covered (yet), but looking at the areas they have done it seems clear that their ‘car’ got off the ferry at Larne and just started driving around!

    Just a thought, though. Is this not ‘material likely to be useful in the commission of a terrorist offence’? I can scope out, for example, Gerry Adams house as if I was walking past it. Presumably its the same for all other potential targets living in those areas that are covered?

  • missfitz

    That was good craic. I checked out my ex-husband’s back yard, and see the boat is gone!!!

    I am sure people will use this for only good and decent purposes, but my goodness what if there was some abuse of it?

  • joeCanuck

    I have used it a couple of times when booking hotel rooms just to see what the general locality looked like.

  • Joe
  • Valenciano

    It’s been available for the largest Spanish cities for quite some time, google has links to some amusing outtakes featuring robbers photoed in the act, couples getting funky etc

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Just a thought

    Is MI5 and other Brit Intelligent agencies gonna use this easily snoop and will it ever be used as evidence in a Court?

  • Comrade Stalin

    In most of the shots my car number plate is blanked out. But in one you can fecking read it. Not too keen on that.

    I had a weird incident a couple of days ago, caught on CCTV, where a person sneaked up my driveway and took a photo of the number plate of my car. It freaked me out a bit so I reported it to the cops, but I wondered what someone could actually do with it. They can find out details about the car, and my name, and that’s about it.

    The thing is that if someone inside the DVA is caught running a search on a number plate for no known reason, they’d get in big trouble. Of course, you’d have to have reported that an illicit search might be likely in order for that to happen.

  • Gonzo

    OK, which sad b****** reported the Bobby Sands mural to Google?

  • BonarLaw

    Comrad Stalin

    sounds like a prelude to cloning. Keep a note of when you reported the incident to the police if speeding and parking tickets start coming through the door.


    yes, MI5 et al will use this against you… unless you keep the tin foil helmet on at all times. You have been warned.

  • Kate Moss

    Rory (South Derry),
    I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it.

  • NCM

    Rory, StreetView is a snapshot in time taken from a special camera mounted on a car. On the other hand, the authorities already have cameras everywhere sending real time data to law enforcement and security personnel, right?

  • NCM

    Gonzo, the Bobby Sands mural is visible… you can “walk” right by it… what do you mean?

  • Colonel Sanders

    I don’t think Google bothers to photograph cowsheds.

  • nineteensixtyseven


    It’s visible from the road branching off the Falls (Sevastopol Street I think) but if you go up the Falls itself then a bit is missing before you come to the SF office.

  • NCM

    1967: Yeah, you’re right. Pretty lame bit of censorship.

  • NCM

    More fun with StreetView — At Beechmont Ave. and Clowney St. there is graffiti stating “Santa is a British agent.”

    Has RSF been informed of this danger? They seem to be ardent supporters of St. Nick and his reindeer, after all.

  • Richard Walsh

    RE: “Has RSF been informed of this danger?”

    As a matter of fact, RSF has highlighted the dangers of this Google enterprise since last August. Google wouldn’t even speak to the media until two days ago, because apparantly they don’t care what people think about what’s happening in the Six Counties. They only agreed to speak once they started photographing the Free State.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Thank you for that advice, very useful. I had not considered the possibility of cloning.

    The people who took the photo of my car weren’t very clever as they were caught on CCTV. I have a clear image of their car, although sadly, not their reg plate or faces.

    Hmm, I might look at getting the reg on the car replaced.

  • Me garage door is open and u can see me nice blue MGB !! But luckily me bedroom curtains are pulled.

    Wasn’t bin day in our area.

  • Valenciano

    They’re already having to pull some images.

  • NCM

    Richard Walsh: I feel a little guilty — I was actually making a playful reference to an equally playful RSF news release decrying the dangers of Christmas advertising that suggested Santa’s reindeer were on strike and that Santa wasn’t real. I didn’t mean to prompt a serious response from RSF about the virtues and dangers of Google StreetView. As it is, in my own opinion StreetView is kinda neat — do a walking tour of the Falls Road on it and see the murals. I suppose Loyalists could use it to recon targets if general violence broke out but then again that sort of use could work the other way so it’s a wash.

  • Gregory

    “Some of my neighbours’ wheelie bins were out, but mine wasn’t. Freaky or what! ”

    Same here mate, it is scary.