“That brings us neatly on to our next question..”

In the Irish Times, Newton Emerson may have had a particular target in mind, but his satirical shots could also be aimed at many a public forum..

Ringer: Would the panel disagree with me, and is there anything else each member of the panel would like to add?

Bogman: I’m afraid I have to disagree with the questioner. There is simply no place for that kind of opinion in modern Ireland and there is very little place for it in Fianna Fáil’s Ireland either, at least until we’ve had a few pints and we don’t think anyone is listening.

Grocer: I also have to disagree with the questioner, especially in the case of nurses, patients, teachers, pupils, lecturers, students, gardaí and criminals. Or should that be victims?

Looney: I disagree with the questioner. But I would go further, and disagree with the false distinction between public-sector answers and private-sector answers, which has been stoked up by right-wing panellists in the media.

Lott: What the previous answer overlooks is that the very act of asking us to agree or disagree is itself a false paradigm of the media-industrial complex, designed to set ordinary people against each other while the global corporatist hegemony blockades Cuba and fluoridates our benefits. We will never have true equality in this country until we can all agree to disagree with everyone, except the Equality Authority.

De Burger: Is there a party after this? I was told there’d be a party.