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Been too busy to have one of these for a while… Kicking off, Damien Mulley, that ubiquitous blogger of all trades, gets marvellous quote from a young Fine Gael councillor in Cork over why she joined Fine Gael rather any of the other opposition parties:

“…because my father told me I’d have to live in the shed if it was anyone other than Fine Gael.”

Ah, Irish politics… don’t ya just love it!- Simon thinks Declan Ganley gets it, as the Watford born Irishman goes for the soft clientist underbelly of Irish politics on the European hustings…

– Oh, and Ulster is Doomed is looking forward to yet another Eurosceptic party, Lbertas NI competing alongside UCUNF. In the Eurosceptic camp is also the DUP and Sinn Fein which for some reason (not entirely obvious to me) he doesn’t mention. Now that’s what you call a crowded market!!

– And Suzy does not like what she’s hearing about and its rather forceful recruitment policy…

– Phillip Lane points to a useful piece of work on the Lisbon Referendum from the Geary Institute at UCD written up for the Department of Foreign Affairs… Though you can be pretty sure that Libertas were aware of some of this stuff long before the electorate went to cast their votes, and indeed some of the conclusions closely follow the chicanery of that and other oppositional campaigns. For instance:

…there were two dimensions of knowledge at work. The first was the degree to which a person perceived provisions to be in the treaty that are in the treaty. The second dimension was the extent to which people perceived things to be in the treaty that are not there, namely the introduction of conscription to a European army, the end of Ireland’s control over its rate of corporate tax and the end of Irish control over its policy on abortion.

– I love that the sliding doors as you leave the baggage area of Dublin airport have the Irish and Welsh packs noiselessly engaging as they close… With only two teams left in contention for the Six Nations, Gerry’s advice: Believe!

– Stephen has an apposite quote from Markham on the lunacy that is sometimes the Irish Twitosphere

– Gerard reckons deflating state expenditure is an unavoidable route forward for a small country like Irelnad:

…we need to put in place something like the Grand Bargain that John McHale describes over at the Irish Economy blog: including a 10% nominal wage cut for the public sector and a freeze on social welfare payments. Not very pleasant for those affected, but a lot less pleasant than the 100% cuts some 1,000 private sector workers are experiencing every day as they lose their jobs.

– At El Blogador, Pol notes a worrying trend in Irish language teaching; and falling trend in pupils taking Irish at GCSE. He writes, “there may well be a new political dispensation here but the work involved to promote Irish will continue to be as hard as ever”.

– Unionist lite notes there could be whisky troubles brewing [sic] for the SNP over its proposals on minimum pricing for alcohol…

– Read the top story on the latest Scottish Round up to see one of the shoddiest pieces of tabloid journalism I’ve seen in a while… Kudos to Tim!!

– And the Steamie has a good spot with a piece of research noting that Labour in the UK has a stronger ‘brand support’ than the Tories..

– Over at Brassneck, the latest, and enormously gigantic Britblog Round up… full of some good stuff though…

-The perils of being Internet famous

– Great site here… not quite a ‘blog’; not quite Twitter… better than either

– And finally, again not a blog, but too good to miss: Obama and Marx: one of them’s not a socialist

Mick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts of the Internet on politics and the wider media and is a regular guest and speaking events across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Twitter: @MickFealty

  • … and Ulster is Doomed is looking forward to yet another Eurosceptic party …

    I don’t want to be too pedantic, but the blog’s name is Ulster’s Doomed.

    In the Eurosceptic camp is also the DUP and Sinn Fein which for some reason (not entirely obvious to me) he doesn’t mention.

    In SF’s case they are not direct competitors so I don’t think they’ll be fishing the same waters. I suppose the DUP are eurosceptic (it’s hard to remember whether Allister was always this extreme, and whether he reflects DUP policy or just his own).

    The main point is that the Tories have pulled out of the EPP, cutting right into the path of the UKIP and Libertas. THe other parties have kept sailing in a straight line. So the effect of the UCUNF change of position is most relevant for the hopes of Libertas. I cannot really see any clear water between their positions now.

  • Yes Mick but what you have to understand is that the ills of Ireland are completely the work and fault of none other than Gerry Adams. He hacked into my website ( for hours yesterday and had a good old mess around with it. You see, his name is 666 and he is the Antichrist. If you don’t believe me then just go to my website for conclusive proof and have a look at all my books. I hold the light because I am the Lamb of Goodness.

  • John, don’t you have to register that site?

  • Paul

    Did you change the name of your site crazy man

  • Dave

    Sorry, but I doubt that John O’Connell will take lectures on mental health from a man who in all probability spends his days wandering the streets in his frontless y-fronts head-butting red post office boxes when he isn’t cyber-stalking him on the Internet.