Simpsons at Giant’s Causeway for St Paddy’s Day…

So far as we know, this is a world wide scoop: but here’s the first still of tonight’s Simpson’s St Paddy’s Day programme anywhere on the net (hmmm, the young earthers won’t like it, given the reference to the 50 adn 60 million year old tag): .

  • Pete Baker

    I’m sure FOX appreciates the publicity. And the out-sized image..

  • Mick Fealty


  • Pete Baker

    Btw, barring the exclusive, the BBC got there first.

  • Mick Fealty

    Okay, night all…

  • tweetybird

    I was under whelmed at my visit to giants causeway it was worth seeing not worth going to see

  • Scooby

    That isn’t the Giants Causeway. They forgot to include the hundreds of Japanese tourists snapping at the rocks,the local tourists in large jackets eating chips on the sidelines shouting, “Davy go sit on the wishing chair would ya for frigs sake!” and the bored school kids who hate being brought to the Causeway for a 4th time, all of them muttering, “Not feckin Finn McCool again….”

    The Simpsons didn’t know what they were missing when they came there.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I wonder how Mick got his hands on the screenshot.
    Have you got a mole at Fox Mick ? :o)

  • I must say the ’50 to 60 million years old’ tag does bring a particularly large smile to my face this morning.


  • Oh by the way and off topic I admit, but I have put up an excerpt from an excellent Christopher Hitchens blog on my own. It is about the use of the word ‘dissident’ in Northern Irish current affairs.



  • John Terry’s Mum

    the simpsons isnt good anymore

  • Simon

    Well at least they showed it unlike Hellboy 2. That was anticlimatic.

  • miss fitz
  • Mick Fealty

    Sorry miss, it was late, and as you can tell from Pete’s comment I had some problems loading the still…

  • Pigeon Toes

    Do the “local” characters speak Ulster Scots?

    Nevin ye are not truly famous yet…

  • The Reincarnation of Paul Revere’s Horse

    I’d say in true American Irish-on-TV tradition everyone sounds like they’re from Kerry or at least trying to.

  • PT, Simpson is a fairly common North Antrim name. What’s all the song and dance about them being at the ‘Caasey’ the day 😉

  • Rory Carr

    Perhaps Ned Flanders will put in a turn. He could be seen ushering his kids (blindfolded) past the blasphemous “50-60 million years old” sign chirruping, “Okley-dokely, kids, no need to look at this bit of devil writing.”

  • moggy

    Looking forward to this episode. Thanks for the heads up.

  • OC

    “The Liberalia (17 March) is the festival of Liber Pater and his consort Libera. The Romans celebrated Liberalia with sacrifices, processions, ribald and gauche songs…

    This feast celebrates the maturation of young boys to manhood. Roman boys, usually at age 14… donned the clothing of adulthood…

    The celebration on March 17th was meant to honor… fertility and wine…”


  • OC, you might enjoy the ‘rites‘ for St Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • Ex Pat Pat

    Watched the St. Patrick’s show this evening on Sky1. Sadly it didn’t live up to the hype. There were some good lines but nowhere near the quality of the Simpsons’ of old. I thought the previous St. Paddy’s skit (the controversial “Where’s the IRA when you need them?”) was a lot funnier.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    I taped this and I’ve just watched it.

    True, it was not as good as past episodes where the humour, sarcasm and satire was on the ball.

    -A red double decker Bus in Dublin…..doh!

    -The paddy wagon marked with ‘police’ instead of Garda….double doh!

    And I’m sure our Unionist neighbours would be upset with no mention of NI and partition, but tri-colours and borderless Ireland maps everywhere……doh! doh! doh!

  • Secret Squirrel

    Trivial stuff but what do you make of the unwarranted reference to Kathy Ireland at about 6mins 40secs in, Greagoir ?
    Then the subtitle states – ‘ We asked her to do the show but she said no.’

    Kathy – Cathay ?

  • Rory Carr

    I think that this:

    might explain the Kathy Ireland reference, Secret Squirrel.

    It is recommended that you have a large box of tissues to hand before viewing. Don’t ask me why as I really didn’t find it very sad at all.

  • Sir Tony

    It is an “us wagon”

  • Secret Squirrel

    When Morocco and myself used to tread the boards for Hanna-Barbera, we received a measly 50 dollars per episode. It’s rumoured now that even Maggie Simpson recieves a criminal 100,000 dollars per episode. With that in mind, I can’t think why Kathy would have snubbed Fox.
    The context of the reference to Kathy was in highlighting the geographical areas of Ireland; the West of Ireland on one side of the Derry Air plane, and Kathy Ireland on the other. :o)

  • Plastic Paddy

    “This was such a pleasant St Patrick’s Day until the Irish people showed up.”