The wrong type of victims group?

After reading an article in the Impartial Reporter on éirígí in Fermanagh (no longer online but reproduced below the fold)

I came across some comment online where Provisional SF supporters raised objections to the section on Firinne ( Fermanagh based group representing families of those bereaved though British state violence):

“In November around 100 people attended a Hunger Strike event hosted by the party in Kinawley while a recent meeting in Enniskillen organised by Firinne, which campaigns on behalf of the victims of state violence, attracted around 120 and was seen as another indicator of éirígí popularity.”

SF’s problems with Firinne seem to stem from Sean Lynch’s removal from the management committee, a decision I understand was fully endorsed by the Firinne Chair at the time and SF Cllr Pat Cox, after his appopintment to the local DPP. That position seems to have caused concerns over a conflict of interest.

I have heard from two separate sources (yes, unnamed) that the recent Firinne AGM at the Clinton Centre descended into farce when it experienced an influx of attendees who had never been associated with the group before (80+), mainly SF members, who attempted to shout down the meeting and influence the election of the new management group even though none had any relationship with the group. The PSNI were called by other groups in the centre at the time and many of the families of victims in attendance left in tears/distressed, admittedly accompanied by some SF elected reps and others who are involved in the group. The meeting closed with ugly and abusive scenes.

I don’t know if SF got the result they wanted.

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