UUP launch Irish language survey.

I am serious!

Councillor William Graham UUP, Chairman of Moyle District Council launched Pobal an Chaistil’s A Survey towards Gaelic in North Antrim in the Mayor’s Parlour, Moyle Council Offices, up in Ballycastle on Thursday past!

Nuacht 24 has the scéal.

The survey has some radical findings, not entirely convinced that Councillor Graham has read it, but it is a very interesting development.

Does anyone have a link to this story in English?

  • P O’Neil

    Why don’t they have a language survey for Ulster Scots…?

    Oops, my bad, it’s not a real language.

  • Gael gan Náire

    “Why don’t they have a language survey for Ulster Scots…? ”

    Why would a Gaelic language group do an Ulster-Scots survey?

    I am sure that an Ulster-Scots response will not be far away however.

  • picador

    Fáilte ar ais a Ghael.

    Let’s hope Chairman Graham’s involvement is a sign of things to come. Fair play to him!

  • Pigeon Toes

    Let me guess, Regional DEvelopment Minister’s central government plan for Rathlin will conclude that a Gaeltacht area be established on the island as in Cape Clear- where erm the current ferry operator comes from!!!

    That would be the Plan that Mr Murphy was to announce in Nov/Decenmber 07, but did not go ahead just around the time when the first ferry tendering exercise was mysteriously cancelled.

    If Irish is popular in Ballycastle what are the percentage of school kids attending the Irish school?

  • Next week is ‘Traditions Meet Week’ at the Park Centre with lots of interesting events scheduled, including a presentation on the history of the Irish language in Belfast.


  • Gael gan Náire

    There are just over one hundred kids at Naíscoil/Bunscoil an Chaistil.

    Does anyone know the population of kids in Ballycastle aged 3-11?

  • Gael gan Náire

    Pigeon Toes,

    Dont know what you are talking about but …

    http://content.yudu.com/Library/A14skv/RathlinIrishGaelicPh/resources/index.htm? referrerUrl=http://www.yudu.com/item/details/38840/Rathlin-Irish-G aelic-Phrases

    Knock yourself out.

  • Pigeon Toes
  • Presumably the children in Bunscoil will come from Ballycastle and district, not just the town.

    Chairman William Graham (UUP) replaced ‘Mayor’ Madeline Black (SDLP). He appears to attend a fairly wide cross-section of community functions in the council area.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “Talks on Rathlin By Staff Reporter

    REGIONAL development minister Conor Murphy will today present the executive with a development paper for Rathlin island.

    The paper will lead to discussions on transport, tourism, childcare and housing there.

    Other issues on the agenda for today’s meeting include discussions with finance minister Peter Robinson about civil service data protection measures.” From The Irish News

    “Other issues on the agenda for today’s meeting include discussions with finance minister Peter Robinson about civil service data protection measures”

    Funny those issues appear to be inextricably linked

  • Piogeon Toes

    Is there a Rathlin phrase in Irish for “funding application”?

  • “The survey has some radical findings”

    The fact that it’s an unrepresentative sample wouldn’t be one of them.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Nevin as a Mole dweller, were your opinions sought?

    Next week Mole council will publish a survey that will find that 100 per cent of local rate payers think the council is doing a great job.

    The survey was conducted during council meetings and not sent out with the bins, in a change to usual policy of distributing “important” and often factually inaccurate information.

  • Gael gan Náire

    “The fact that it’s an unrepresentative sample wouldn’t be one of them.”

    I think if you read the methodology you will see that they actually made much effort to encourage participation.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “I think if you read the methodology you will see that they actually made much effort to encourage participation”

    But obviously delivering them to the whole community was not one of them

  • Sure – but the statistics are of limited significance as a consequence.

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  • Branish

    Impressed by the “I am serious!” line.

    Sure when a unionist involves themselves with an Irish language theme best thing is to express derision by faux surprise. The exclamation mark was a particularly nice touch.

    We sure don’t want any of themuns thinking that Irish is for all.

    Keep up the good work GGN, put them back in their (orange) box!!

  • Gael gan Náire

    My surprise was pleasant I assure you.

    And I wouldnt be unfair on the councillor – he involved himself in a cross-community affair, he didnt sign up to the findings – fair play to him.

  • “he involved himself in a cross-community affair”

    Er, he represented the council at the launch of an Irish language report. On April 3, he’ll be welcoming President McAleese to the Kingdom of Moyle.

    The PaC ‘Lurgan Spade’ Ulster-Scots/Irish cultural exchange is a little bit closer to a cross-community affair. However, it seems PaC is unfamiliar with the local product, the Bushmills Spade 🙂

  • Pigeon Toes

    “Mayor’s Parlour, Moyle Council Offices,”

    Why does Mole have a “mayors parlour” when it does not have a “mayor”?

    It is Moyle DISTRICT Council.

    I do believe the last chairperson of said council often introduced herself as “mayor” when she was in fact “chairperson”

  • In Soviet Russia

    Irish language launch UUP survey