After the crisis, the thaw continues at the top…

The word is that in their flight out to the US the chemistry of McGuinness and Robinson has been impressing the people they’ve met. On reader who was at the Los Angles/Holywood event, notes that “perhaps being away and the shared challenge of events over the weekend has moved their working relationship along”. Slugger also hears that “they flew British Airways and the deputy 1st minister got first class on the way out while the 1st minister sat in business. It will be the other way round on the way back”. Hmmm… There are other indications that the thaw in personal relations is considerable. Yet, we may have to wait until after the European elections to see the positive outworking of that thaw in the various policy block at ‘the bottom’…

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  • cynic

    Shows poor judgement. Virgin is miles better and they could have had side by side lie flat beds – with a sliding panel to draw across for modesty’s sake or if relations (temporarily we hope) cooled.

  • iluvni

    Why arent they both in economy?
    Dont cost cutting measures apply to them?

  • frustrated democrat

    Pathetic, and they could have supported the Continental service from Befast to New York, of course it doesn’t have separate First and Business Class to segregrate them.

    So much for unity that is only for the cameras.

  • Are they hoping for silicon valley implants?

  • slug

    I don’t mind them travelling First and Business – as long as they do a great job drumming up investment. Good to hear that they are making a positive impression.

    It sounds strange to say, but Martin McGuinness seems to have a way with unionist politicians. There is a theme here. First he is reported to have hit it off personally with Ken Maginnis back in the negotations in 1997/8. Then he famously made it work with Ian Paisley. Now Peter Robinson and he seem able to work together. One suspects they actually try *not* to look too comfortable in each others company so as not to worry their own voters.

  • Turgon

    Surely if the personal chemistry had improved that much they might have sat in the same part of the plane? They did not even have to sit together. Surely being in different parts of the plane is a metaphor for an apparent, currently maybe necessary, but not real rapprochement.