First reactions…

Ken Maginnes “there is very little support for this…”

David Simpson: “Positive moves such as the deployment of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment are welcome insofar as they go, but it is vital that the PSNI are given all the support and back up that they need to crush this murderous terrorist threat.”

David Ford: “The public’s resolve has been strengthened against these elements – everyone has spoken with one voice to say that peace is the only way forward.”

John O’Dowd: “John O’Dowd: politics is a very very difficult scenario but it can deliver a United Ireland. This is militarism for Militarism’s sake.”

Alex Maskey “Would like to convey our disgust and anger at what has happened”.

David Simpson: “With the greatest of respect I don’t think that Gerry Adams, or any of his party, is in any position to tell anyone in Northern Ireland about what they should and shouldn’t do. I mean at the end of the day the Chief Constable is responsible for the policing in Northern Ireland”

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