The only persons who gain in this situation…… (tinfoil hat?)

I’ve never done this before but I’m lifting a comment from a previous blog and adding it as a stand alone entry . Over to ‘Brownie’:

In situations like this you have to examine who benefits from this type of activity?

In the lead up to this operation the Chief constable was making it clear in both a public way and in private to Journalists that “dissidents” were both planning and capable of an attack upon the UKs national interests.

That was done to for a specific reason (you make your own mind up why) because if he genuinely had pre-emptive Intelligence upon an attack or the Knowledge persons were intent on carrying out an attack he would have said nothing for fear of alerting them because as Anthony McIntyre a former IRA soldier made very clear on Sky television today dissidents are thoroughly infiltrated by both security force assets and their new “Republican friends”

What the Chief Constable did last week though was to deliberately inform the public that he needed and had requested “specialist” assets to be deployed within NI to counter this threat. The truth and reality is that these “specialist soldiers” had never left the operational theatre; they remain to protect HMG and the national interest. Anybody who thinks otherwise are sadly mistaken indeed in 2007 HMG admitted using covert specialist soldiers in an arrest of dissidents planting a bomb.

So why does Sir Hugh make this statement especially when he has no primacy or responsibility for collecting Intelligence upon Republicans who pose a threat to HMG national interest (terrorism). MI5 have this responsibility not the PSNI?

That statement by Sir Hugh created an atmosphere of fear in some sections of both communities. That was deliberate.

The only persons who gain in this situation are those who want a degree of stability to exist so that their self interests are protected. The way I see this is the only persons who could possible seek to benefit are similar to those who carried out acts similar to:

1. Omagh. The state admits to having the bomb team under surveillance at the time of the attack, documents registered with the court this week for and on behalf of the family state on oath that the state had not only telephone intercepts but also a one way technical device within the bombers vehicles. The prospect of at least one state agent within this operation is accepted by most informed persons; indeed one person has been named within Parliament as being involved and remains to today resident within the North and as never been interviewed or questioned by any state agencies about the atrocity. His personal mobile phone was also telephoned on the day of the bombing by those within the Bombers vehicle

2. The Murder of 23-year-old Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick the last Brit soldier to die in NI on active duty. He was shot by an IRA sniper in 1997, even though the peace process was already considerably advanced at the time. A “Specialist soldier” later told the Sunday times that they had the Terrorists under surveillance at the time of the attack . He was later threatened with prosecution by HMG for offences under the OSA.

Like I said earlier, this game is a long and dirty one and not everything you see is obvious and to those that think the state would never kill its own soldiers and risk the lives of the general public for its own selfish interests! You are living in cloud cuckoo land! Ask Constable McMurray (RUC) about that or Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick or Francisco Notorantonio amongst many, many others.

Oops sorry you cannot – They are dead.


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