The Times is reporting that there were two armed guards on duty whom failed to fire back. However a senior army officer has defended them saying that they would have put more lives at risk.

The Sun is reporting, that one of the pizza delivery boys was ‘saved’ by one of the soldiers, who subsequently died as a gunman shot him whilst laying on top of the pizza boy. The soldiers told the boys to get down and one of them jumped on one of them lying on top of him whilst bullets flew above them. Apparently the gunmen kept on firing as the men lay dead on the ground. A friend of the delivery boy said: “The guy with the gun then just walked over and executed the soldier as he lay on top of Anto.”

Gordon Brown has also visited the barracks this morning and paid tribute to the men named as 23 year old Sapper Mark Quinsey, from Birmingham, and Sapper Cengiz Azimkar, 21, from Wood Green, London. Prime Minister Brown is holding talks with Hugh Orde, Shaun Woodward and political leaders.