No shit, Sherlock.

O’Leary admits to “very cheap PR” stunt. Will “journalists” take note?

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  • Harry Flashman

    “Boeing can put people on the moon, design fighter aircraft and smart bombs, but they can’t design a bloody mechanism to go on doors that will accept coins,”

    You gotta love Mick, he really doesn’t beat around the bush does he?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    This guy is looking to big up companies that are the Opposite of Ryanair when it comes to customer relations.

  • Politicians are hoping that “journalists” don’t wise up – if they do photo-ops are history. Fortunately no fear of “journalists” ever wising up.

  • TonyB

    Here we go, this could get all Orwell pretty quick. It’s a little childish, you’ve got to say. Pics of him dressed as a mobile phone were more of the same. It’s lame, it’s not well thought out, and it smacks of a man who’s tired and running out of ideas. He had originally planned to retire in 2008 , and, obviously persuaded to stay on a little, may now be regretting that decision.