Mountain? Molehill?

Pete has blogged on the deployment of British Army Special Forces in support of the PSNI and the assessment of a high threat level from armed Republican groups and Mick has covered what seemed like filibustering from Alex Maskey on H&M to avoid addressing the issue.

SF have attacked Hugh Orde over his presentation of the threat level from these groups and have recently been engaged in a campaign of presenting such groups as purely ‘criminal’ in nature and mainly a threat to the communities they comes from, a campaign supported by their most supportive newspapers the Belfast Media Group (Andytown News).

SF and the PSNI seem at loggerheads on this issue with SF trying to present growing anti- agreement republican groups as mainly criminal enterprises and British state forces presenting them as credible threats.

Could SF be misrepresenting the truth, downplaying what is going on within republicanism in an attempt to minimise support for voices that reject their analysis? Or are Orde, MI5 and the British Army making a mountain out of a molehill just to piss them off?

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