NI Conservative blog forced out by blog warfare?

There’s been a lot of batting back and forth (involving amongst other things, an attack blog that increasingly has a strong DUP bent to it) and infighting between Ulster based Tories and some UUPers online… As Andrew notes it seems the Conservatives had called it a day… If you want a look at why, just go to Redemption’s Son who has been documenting the whole sorry mess (here and here), and just keep scrolling… Unnecessary fires indeed

  • I don’t think it’s a pro-DUP site. It never struck me as coming from that perspective. In fact the owner, who clearly reads Slugger, has just put up a post saying specifically that he isn’t pro-DUP.

  • borderline

    Looks like the CUNFs are having trouble agreeing on a name. Or should that be UCUNFs?

    They should take a leaf out of the CIRA’s book. They originally styled themselves as CAC until, many weeks later, they discovered cac was Irish for shit.

    I predict a new name.

    Though for some strange metaphysical reason, both original names have a ring of truth about them. I mean, the CAC were and are pretty shit at what they do, and this new bunch strike me as, well, a bunch of CUNFs.