UN Security Council adds Irish passport holder to List of Al-Qaida associates

As reported in the Belfast Telegraph, the UN Security Council has added the name of Libyan-born, but Ireland-based, Muslim businessman, Ibrahim Boyasseer, to the Consolidated List of Individuals associated with Al-Qaida. The report states that he has been living in Ireland since 1981 and was granted an Irish passport in 1991. Following the Security Council’s notice on 4th February, the UK Treasury issued a Financial Sanctions Notification [pdf file] requiring “financial institutions and other bodies and persons [] to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold any funds or economic resources for the individual named”. From the Belfast Telegraph report

All UN member states, of which Ireland is one, are obliged to freeze the assets of anyone on the list and prevent entry into the country. Countries are also obliged to prevent the supply and sale of arms and military equipment to people on the list.