Wheat from the chaff

Two years ago I moved to South Antrim after a few years abroad, before that I lived in the ‘nationalist’ bit of Lagan Valley. In Lagan Valley I expected to see regular newsletters from the local shinner – mainly because I was helping write them and was certainly sticking them through hundreds of letter boxes.

I’ve not been in SF for most of my time living in South Antrim but I’ve remained surprised that I haven’t received literature from them through the door (apart from a letter to the small estate I live in about rats – I had to pretty much insist that one was sent)

For a while the local SDLP MLA became very good at providing a regular well produced update on his work – that has now died off.

Tonight was a first; not only did I get my first newsletter from local APNI MLA, David Ford, but he seems to have had his material delivered by a junk mail company – it included an offer for satelitte dishes and a charity appeal envelope inside. I’m going to read it but I suspect sending stuff with junk means most people will treat it as such.

So do your local MLAs communicate with you? If so are they doing it effectively?

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