Name Ireland’s counties

This is doing the rounds. Have a go and give your result (remember cheaters never prosper)

You’ve ten minutes to get all 32.

I got them with 5.54 remaining

  • picador

    8:38 remaining

    The map makes it alot easier!

    I await the Gaelige version.

  • jock

    Flying along-but stalled at the last-friggin’ Longford!

  • 6 County Prod

    Even I got Longford!

  • niall

    Carlow, bloomn 5 mins to get carlow.

  • 6 1/2 minutes remaining. I was stuck for a while on Longford and Kilkenny.

  • Mark McGregor

    Longford is the stumper according to the results table but being lucky enough to have been in Granard during a school exchange (I always have luck like that) I have the county’s claim to fame driven into my brain – they make Pat’s Pan.

  • Plastic Paddy

    Damned Carlow and Roscommon – I had the rest inside of 3 minutes.

  • Plastic Paddy

    Ah – bollocks – I didn’t notice the map. I was typing them into excel!

  • fin

    on principle I refused to continue when “Londonderry” came up

  • picador

    on principle I refused to continue when “Londonderry” came up

    So you got stuck on some of the counties in the Free State then?

  • William

    Fin….if you had an iota of history in your ‘principled’ brain…you would know that there has never been a County Derry…it is Londonderry and prior to that it was Coleraine….anyone using ‘Derry’ as a county name is short on historical knowledge…e.g. the GAA

  • picador
  • ArchiePurple

    Fin…is one of these ‘oirshmen’ who are not getting a haircut til’ ‘Oireland’s free’…. it probably is free….the EU would give away for nothing at the minute !!

  • d

    longford laois carlow down

  • I knew the 32

    Come on bhoys, ashamed that you got stuck on Longford. Isn’t that where yer cute hure of a former Teashap Albert Reynolds comes from? The old rogue still owes me money from when I played in a danceband and he left us all 50 quid short of what he’d agreed to pay us for a dance in the Midlands….ah well bejeppers….we not get it now bhoys.

  • I only got six of them and Dublin… then the timer ran out. wtf.

  • Oilifear

    Two minutes for first 31 then stared at Cavan for five minutes.

  • Counties are of course quite literally an imperialist imposition, and as a result I refuse to take this test. 🙂

  • fin

    Fin….if you had an iota of history in your ‘principled’ brain…you would know that there has never been a County Derry…it is Londonderry and prior to that it was Coleraine….anyone using ‘Derry’ as a county name is short on historical knowledge…e.g. the GAA

    actually William, Coleraine, and parts of Donegal, Antrim and Tyrone. Anyway, my heads stuffed full of history thats why its Co.Derry to me

    incidently Willie were you chatting to anyone famous recently, you’ve not name dropped for a while

  • fin

    Archie, been at the Wackybaccy again or have you been celebrating the Oirsh win today.

  • scaramoosh

    Counites are a bougeois construct; in the new left ireland, they will not be recognised, and there will be prizes for those that can forget them the quickest (like with Sinn Fein taking power in N.Ireland and the troubles).

  • USA

    Got all 32 with 4:35 remaining.

  • 8:52 remaining, despite typing like I had gloves on…

  • joeCanuck

    I got offaly close to naming them all.

  • dewi

    6.17…….(at third attempt…)

  • Second attempt, 9:04 remaining, beat that you slugs!

  • picador

    Doesn’t count second time round, Sammy!

    There’s one for England as well. Much harder.
    It’s based on the old counties of which there are 39. With six minutes remaining I’m stuck on number 39 which is the the old one which is not Cumberland but is now part of Cumbria.

  • picador

    F**k it. Westmoreland. Just like my old commander back in Nam.

    I look forward to seeing the Scottish and Welsh versions.

    Sudden thought. Surely there is a US version of this game!

    Oh dear. Nerd time!

  • dewi

    The original 13 colonies Picador..I was doing OK but can’t spell Connecticut or MAssachussetts….

  • Harry Flashman

    Done with 6.14 remaining on the clock I was flying along, no problem with those boring old midlands counties oddly enough, I would have been hard pressed to locate them but I could remember the names. Tipperary was a continous spelling error.

    The one that held me up for almost a minute I knew was one of the “K”s but I couldn’t think of it, then I remembered it was in a song and the words of “Carrickfergus” came to me ‘…and in Kilkenny, it is reported’.

    Funny how the old brain works.

  • Harry Flashman

    I’ll bet you everyone started with Derry.

  • Danny

    8:35 remaining.

    Roscommon was the only one I had to think a little bit about…

  • picador


    Do you have a link for that American one?

    Some of those Amero-Indian names are hard to spell alright. But probably not a patch on the Welsh equivalent!

    The English ones take an eternity to type, particularly those with -shire on the end.


    I started with my own county which is Antrim, then moved on to the one over the way which is Down. Derry I believe was number my three.

    Did you read the comments on the game itself? Pathetic!!

  • dewi

    Original colonies There you go Picador

  • BBBBertieAhern

    Fin: Ball not man

  • picador

    Diolch dewi.

    A bit of a challenge in one minute, what with spelling issues. I got only ten before the time expired though if I may say so myself I do know the names of all 50 states. God bless America. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free (!)

    On a separate note: I have heard that Welsh spelling is entirely consistent so assuming one knew the system spelling the names of the Welsh counties should be easy. theoretically of course.

  • dewi

    The names of Welsh counties are easy to spell….in Welsh,,,English versions not quite as straightfoward…..I missed Huntingdonshire on the English one but got all US states!!

  • Harry Flashman

    Picador, try the ‘name the Asian (and middle Eastern) states’ I actually did quite well but the -stans (and East Timor of all places) tripped me up.

    Don’t do ‘name the countries of Europe’, you’ll only get annoyed; too many silly places included as nations and the map isn’t accurate.

  • Greenflag

    The Irish one was easy except for Londonderry which was ‘automatically ‘ corrected .

    The English one was a challenge . I got about half right first time . And when I looked at the completed map the ones I got were either in the south,south east or around London and in the North -Yorkshire , Lancs and Cheshire .Westmorland was easy as was Cumberland (two streets in Dublin also Buckingham ) But I did get Rutland and Durham on the first run.

    But overall ‘middle England ‘ seems to have disappeared from my geographical memory ? Is it still there ?

  • latcheeco

    6mins. Longford’s a ballox

  • suzzie

    Got the Northern Ireland counties and 9 from the ROI – think I need to brush up on my international geography

  • suzzie

    I got 31/39 in the English counties but I ran out of time

  • 8.03 remaining. Couldn’t think of Kildare of all places. And I had mitigating circumstances in that I’m very hungover.

  • Doctor Who


    “Got all 32 with 4:35 remaining”

    Balls USA, you don´t know your Cork from your Londonderry air.

    Stared at Ofally for 5 minutes myself.

  • Modernist

    Couldn’t remember Offaly and Kilkenny

  • Phil

    Got the English counties in 5:02 but it wouldn’t let me enter Monmouthshire, Dewi -)! Got 25/32 of the Irish counties (missed Armagh, Sligo, Mayo, Longford, Laois, Limerick and Louth which I can’t believe as I have been to Drogheda on at least three occasions!) which on the face of it is quite poor but I don’t think is too bad for a foreigner. I reckon a Scottish or Welsh version would be harder still as I think most non-Scots/Welsh would struggle to tell you the number of counties in those countries let alone their names.

  • USA

    Blow it out your ass Dr Who.
    Try picking on Sammy Morse who claims to have typed all 32 counties into the computer with 9:04 remaining. The game only offers 10 minutes to complete, so he is claiming to have typed them all in 56 seconds. IMHO this is physically impossible.
    For everyone else out there here is the USA version. I got 43 of 50 then ran out of time. I couldn’t spell Massacheucets (sp?) and went blank on the others.
    I will give the US one to my students this week for a fun task.

  • Doctor Who

    Yes USA Sammy is full of shit, although I have recently just lost the best temp in Chiswick from the Tardis, so maybe theres a vacancy for Sammy. Errrrr or perhaps not.

    Got all the USA states btw although I did google to get a few of the spellings.

    Try the US Presidents, I can get all back to the start of the 20th century, then the first few and then only a few in between.

    The countries of the world is a killer, you only get 15 minutes which is impossible unless of course you are Sammy Morse.

  • dewi

    Some tips for the English counties:

    1) Remember the Saxom mentality that gave us “South West Africa”, “Northern Province” etc. Think like that and you get Sussex, Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Northumberland, Westmoreland.
    2) Think of translations from Brythonic – Cornwall, Devon, Kent, Somerset, Cumberland, Yorkshire.
    3) Miners strike – Notts, Derby, Leicester, Durham.
    4) Railway lines – Hants, Berks
    5) Cricket – Worcs, Warwick,Lancs,Surrey.
    6) Universities – Oxon and Camb
    7) And then guess the rest…
    8) And Phil – I’m.from Monmouthshire so get lost!

  • Danny

    USA much harder.

    46/50 before time ran out. Forgot Utah, Missouri, Ohio and New Jersey.

    England: Only 17/39!

    Countries of Europe: 42/47

  • Try picking on Sammy Morse who claims to have typed all 32 counties into the computer with 9:04 remaining. The game only offers 10 minutes to complete, so he is claiming to have typed them all in 56 seconds. IMHO this is physically impossible.

    Tee hee, such a rush to call bullshit just because I’m faster than youse are. Think about it folks. 32 counties in 56 seconds is a typing speed of 35 words per minute, which is hardly exceptional. Others have posted similar times.

    Physically impossible? My arse. A good copy typist could do it in 30 secs as long as they knew their geography. USA talks shit even beyond the usual standards of his countrymen.

    My initial time of 8:52 remaining (1:08 total time) is still the winner.

    US states 7:53 remaining, lost 20 seconds trying to remember how to spell Massachusetts!

    English counties, 7:46, Huntingdonshire was the hard one!

    Want a hard one – try the Shipping Forecast areas in 8 minutes!!!

  • Managed Shipping Forecast areas managed with 2:50 to spare. The real bogies were Portland, Viking, Sole and (unbelievably) Shannon, which I stared at for a couple of minutes making such far fetched suggestions as Valentia, Mizen and Blaskets, all of which I more or less knew were wrong.

  • picador


    Congratulations. You are a true nerd!

    Do you own a boat?

  • Sadly, no. I’m a radio ham (hence the user name) and a totally hardcore geography nerd!

  • picador

    And for my contribution to the genre I managed the fifty states with 6:38 remaining.

    The silent c in Connecticut had me going for a while.

  • USA

    Sammy Morse,
    Your comment about 35 words per minute seemed painfully obvious to me and I do agree a typist would have no difficulty typing at that speed.
    So I tried the Irish one again and typed all 32 in 1 min 34 seconds, which gives a lot more credence to your position. If I was inclined to do it again I am sure I would improve. (but I could never beat you Sammy).
    I guess this is a long winded way of saying sorry Sammy, it seems you are right, getting all 32 in slightly over one minute is possible.

  • Dave

    USA, as your lawyer, I advise you to do the math before admitting guilt. A word in WPM is five characters. So you need to add up all the characters in the counties and divide them by 32 to the get the number of WPM. That’s a lot more WPM and therefore a much higher typing speed than Sammy would have you believe. 😉

  • Dave

    And, of course, to devide the number of words by the time it took to do the test (just in case that part wasn’t obvious).

  • Dave

    Err, devide the total number of all charecters in the 32 counties by 5 to get the number of words, rather.

    Maybe I’ll wave my fee on this consultation.

  • Dave

    *Waive, too. 😉

  • picador


    There is one for Wales. I could manage only 10/13 though.

    There is also one for Scotland for all you speakers of the hamely tongue out there.

  • dewi

    Thanks Picador – they’ve spelt Meirionethshire incorrectly as Merionethshire by the way…. (It should be Sir Feirionydd anyway so who cares…) onto Scotland…

  • dewi

    Scotland the killer – 23 out of 33 – pathetic…

  • Loadsamoney

    Maybe I’ll wave my fee on this consultation?

    Bish Bosh!

  • dewi

    I got 40 out of 50 US state capitals – beat that Sammy Morse !!!

  • 08:17 remaining

    Could have been faster if I could type better!

  • Pulled Jefferson City out of the back of my mind with 26 seconds to go for the state capitals!!!

  • Greenflag

    The Shipping Forecast 🙂 LOL

    rain , wind , westerly , gale force 8 , ( in any combination )

    Brilliant:) I’ll have a go this evening

    And a belated ‘happy’ St Davids Day for Dewi despite the Parisian result 😉

  • picador

    Fellow nerds,

    Yeah I liked the state capitols one – 46/50

    Try Presidents of the US.

    Or states of Mexico!

  • Dewi

    “Pulled Jefferson City out of the back of my mind with 26 seconds to go for the state capitals!!! ”

    I give up – Sammy you are an example to us all !!!!

    Lol GF have you heard the Rhod Gilbert line “I didn’t know you could take a Kagool off till I was 6”

    Picador – I want to be Sammy Morse when I grow up….

  • picador


    Let’s see if his US history is so good.

  • Phil

    I did appalingly with the Scottish counties, 18/32. Ironically I did ok with the counties in the north but only got Berwickshire from the counties along our border. I am going to try the Welsh one now…..

  • Phil

    Doh! 7/13. This time missed 3 which border England, and I thought I knew and understood the neighbours? I dread to think how I would get on with the French Departments!

  • Let’s see if his US history is so good.

    I doubt it. Off to try now.

  • 37/44. Missed Harrison, Tyler, Fillmore, Pierce, Hayes, Garfield and Harrison. Some of whom I had never heard of.

  • dewi

    Right US Prezzos for it to beat Sammy M…

  • McGrath

    Got them all and quick too. Our owl headmaster bait them into us, we had to learn them by province too. All I had to do was regress in to a terrified dark corner of my brain and out they all came! Can name all the rivers too, not sure what constituted a river, but he presented us with a list, and we learned it!

    I knew all those hammerings I got would prove useful one day.

  • dewi

    41….so there….

  • dewi

    And they count Grover C twice always – Obama really the 43rd President…..

  • picador

    Our owl headmaster bait them into us, we had to learn them by province too.

    Easiest way to do it minus the beating of course, which I’m sure you are exaggerating in any case.

    Starting at the top and traveling anti-clockwise there are NINE in Ulster, FIVE in Connaught SIX in Munster and the remaining TWELVE are in Leinster.

  • USA

    glad you are my lawyer and not my stockbroker 🙂

    Sammy Morse,
    I finished the US states five minutes before I even started – beat that 🙂

  • Valenciano

    Ireland: kicking myself for missing Limerick and Wicklow.

    English counties and European countries a dawdle. European capitals slightly harder. Vaduz and Pristina took a while and I wasted precious time trying variations of the hague before I twigged.

    Asian countries, missed Bahrain, Qatar and the flippin Phillipines.

    USA: couldn’t spell conneticut or however it is and missed Wyoming.

    Africa: Comoros never competed in African football tournaments until recently and they were arsey about the spelling of Sao Tome e Principe, at least that’s my excuse.

    Where’s the Spanish provinces one?

    Right I’m off to do something more productive like get drunk.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    [i]Name Ireland’s counties[/i]

    How many does the republic have?

  • McGrath

    Posted by picador on Mar 03, 2009 @ 08:20 AM

    I do not exaggerate in the slightest. I recalled the exact sequence we had learned them in from over 30 years ago as if the master was looming behind me with the meter stick he had specially cut in half to shorten the length and taped back together to double the thickness ready to wallop the crap out of me (or anyone else) who failed to meet his expectations for that day. Our times tables recitals were fun times too, I’ll swear he was airbourne on the down stroke with that thing, but I know them all, without hesitation.

    That was primary school, grammar school got much better, there were multiple psychopaths with an array if new torture instruments to deal with there. And, there seemed to be no association between the floggings and if it was actually making you learn anything. They made the old primary school master seem like a saint.

    Maybe I’m older than you?

  • dewi

    McGrath – has it made you a better person?

  • McGrath

    Posted by dewi on Mar 03, 2009 @ 08:41 PM

    Maybe, but I cant speak for the rest of the class. Have you younger generations missed out on something? Can they recite their counties, does it matter?

    I will say I feel the old corporal punishment system made it seem like violence was a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with things, however the modern evolution of the old system is quite mad, quite over compensated. I did not thrive in my early education years because there seemed to be just one student mold and teachers tended to beat you into it or leave you behind. Now by comparison, it seems like there is an eternity of time to accommodate pupils and a multitude of approaches. Its obviously better in some regards.