Sun goes digging for dirt and finds an old ‘lady’ true to her principles

Must be a first.

  • 6cp

    She doesn’t appear to have aged very well. Is that what Irish Republicanism does to one?

  • Pete Baker

    Leaving aside the fact that I’m quoting from an article in The Sun *shudder*

    Speaking to back a motion at a 2007 Sinn Fein conference she said with a slip of the tongue: “I’m here in support of the revolution — I mean the resolution.”

    That would be the same Ard Fheis that endorsed supporting the police – on the basis that those powers would be devolved by May 2008.

    No wonder the former debutante didn’t want to comment.

    Btw, weren’t you there too, Mark?

  • Harry Flashman

    What a truly ghastly woman, she was given hospitality by a kindly old gentleman and yet she abused it to see how much of his property she could steal and then watched as that same decent old man was bound and pistol whipped by her accomplices.

    The one morale of the tale is that when you sign up daffy headed English heiresses looking for a bit of rough into your gang don’t be too surprised when all your operations get ridiculously bungled.

    “Countess” Markiewicz how are ye!

  • Greenflag

    Neighbour William Rothwell, 76, said last night: “Of course we know who she is but we don’t exactly ask her how the art world is doing. She’s very friendly and well-liked.”

    Dugdale is involved with Dublin Community Television and her enthusiasm for the Irish Republican cause seems undimmed.

    ‘It seems the renegade debutante is still rebelling.’

    When it comes to journalistic ‘principles ‘ the Sun is about the last place anyone should look . Their only contribution to British journalism regularly appears on page 3.

    We await an upcoming ‘revealing ‘ snapshot of Maggie Thatcher in bikini on a Bahamian beach clinging steadfastly to her ‘principles ‘ while telling the world that her son Mark was not a gun running terrorist but merely trying to ‘privatise ‘ the oil wells of a small country in West Africa and free it’s people for the greater glory of of of of well you democracy blah blah blah blah blah 🙁

  • edward

    You have to give the IRA credit they backed up the words of equality with actions

  • edward

    Oh and 6cp your queen looks like a piece of chewed up old leather what does that say about the church of england and britishness?(yeah I can do witless trollery as well)