Name changed passed unanimously…

Michael’s laconic report from the UUP’s party Executive


    Is that the UUP now officially giving up in Protestant working class districts? The Tories are a shower of right wing, class driven sleazeballs who are using the Ulster Unionists to give the impression the Conservatives are a UK party when in effect Scotland & Wales have long sussed them out. Well done Reg, you have just driven a stake through the heart of the UUP. The DUP don’t really have to do much work for their votes, the UUP do it all for them.

  • Pete Baker

    According to the Beeb

    It’s “Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force”.


  • Michael Shilliday

    Sorry, there is no name change. What was passed was the joint name candidates will run under, the UUP is still the UUP.

  • Mick Fealty


    The truth is politics is not big any working class area, Protestant or Catholic. Only SF overshoot the general targets there. It’s not just the GCPs of North Down who go missing.

    I seem to be the odd one out generally in thinking from the start that his was a good move for the UUs as well if not more than the Conservatives.

    A meaningful and competitive game in Unionist politics is good for upping turnours and the pro-union vote overall.

  • Driftwood

    The Tories are a shower of right wing, class driven sleazeballs

    LURIG,and the difference between them and New Labour???????

  • Mark McGregor

    Can we get this sorted.

    Jim Nicholson?


    [keep it civil – edited moderator]

  • Mick Fealty

    D’oh; a little too laconic for me Michael. Thread consigned to the scrapbook of blogger hell!!!

  • Mark McGregor

    Lighten up Mick. Twas only a joke.

  • veritas

    New Force….New Third Force revisited….

    They`ll get my vote if they come and actually knock my door and defend their politics…..

    A link up with the Tories, won`t this isolate those within working class areas who at present might consider giving a preference to the UUP!

  • ??


    Sorry, there is no name change. What was passed was the joint name candidates will run under, the UUP is still the UUP.
    Posted by Michael Shilliday on Feb 26, 2009 @ 11:12 PM

    How can this be? surely only the names of registered parties can appear on ballot papers?

  • Ulster Unionist Dragonforce.

    it has a ring to it I suppose.

  • caped crusader

    I thought the quote of the night was that jeffery donaldson was gagging for it perish the thought……!

  • I think the ‘Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force’ would have to be registered. It doesn’t mean the UUP or the NI Conservatives cease to exist, just their joint committee put candidates forward.

    It’s early days anyway. As long as the ‘new force’ is pragmatic there is no reason for concern.

    Plus kinda funny that before the whole UUP-Tory courting the DUP were saying the UUP was dead in the water. Most commentators said it was ‘do or die’ in terms of the UUP needing drastic change in many areas. At the least, the UUP should be given kudos for attempting something radical and something that could have positive consequences for the Northern Ireland and the union.

    If it works – great. If it fails for the UUP-Cons then hopefully lessons can be learned from the failure in terms of the normalisation of Northern Ireland politics.

    Nothings ever simple though.

  • McGrath

    Bad connotations with the term “force”, unless you are selling laxative.


    Yeh, I suppose it makes a change from the UUP teaming up with the PUP and their buddies in the Ulster Volunteer FORCE. It is totally pathetic and sheer desperation from the UUP. By the way what happened to Reg’s stern lecture to the SDLP a few years ago when they were smooching with Fianna Fail? If memory serves me right Reg was going crackers stating that the parties in the North had to forge links with each other first before others. He said something about it creating instability and fear amongst Unionism. Hypocrisy how are ye Reg! I used to have some sympathy for them, now I will be glad to see their political demise. Death of a thousand self inflicted cuts.

  • iluvni

    Seriously, are these ones going to be called the UCU-NF?

    Good God. Talk about snatching defeat from potential victory.
    Wasnt there one person there with the wit to stand up and say this name is absolutely shite?

  • frustrated democrat

    It may be the official name, but I suspect that they will be called the Conservatives and Unionists or CU’s.

  • ??

    oh… UCUNF

  • ??

    regarding registering the name for elections, i found this as well:

    Party Officers
    2.9 You must register the names and contact details of the people who will
    fill the roles of party leader, nominating officer and treasurer. You may also
    register a campaigns officer. One person may fill more than one of these roles
    – for instance, as both party leader and treasurer – but overall, you must have
    at least two different people registered as officers of the party.

    SO who will be party leader?

  • George

    Seriously, are these ones going to be called the UCU-NF?

    Good God. Talk about snatching defeat from potential victory.
    Wasnt there one person there with the wit to stand up and say this name is absolutely shite?

    My sentiments exactly, I thought this was a joke.

    Forgetting the negative connotations around the use of “Force”, a word so prevalent in previous unionist murder gangs, the name “Ulster Conservative and Unionists” seems to imply the conservatives are the major party in this deal.

    It’s like saying the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

  • PaddyReilly

    I think the ‘Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force’ would have to be registered.

    What a horrible name. Why can’t they call themselves Conservative and Unionists: New Tolerant Society.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Did the Tories used to be The Conservative and Unionist party ?
    Would that not have sufficed?
    The nf bit is a bad move,but hey,fair play for trying to keep Jim Nicholson his seat.
    There has to be room for new thinking to try and heal the wounds of “the troubles”,there has to be a credible alternative to the DUP/SF pushme pullyou politics of stagnation.
    We have to look at how we define ourselves,given that the principle of consent is now accepted by all parties,this being so,why can’t Nationalists and Unionists be ,for example members of a Social Coalition

  • ??

    DUP/SF pushme pullyou politics of stagnation…

    thats right, remember those years of the UUP/SDLP, how much they achieved for us all

  • Danny O’Connor

    Victims commissioner ,National stadium ,the first & deputy (or is it joint or co)Minister cannot even agree the shared future strategy.
    The difference in the past was that Trimble could not(in many cases) carry a majority of Unionists,many of whom now implement what they criticised him for,otherwise much , much more progress could have been made.The word hippocrytes springs to mind.Hold the institutions to ransom -at least until you get into power and then do what you vowed you never would and have the cheek to call duplicity least Jim Allister had the courage to stand over his pre election commitment and wasn’t swayed by the dosh.

  • Moonchkin

    The “New Force” bit is really bizarre, I’d wonder how that got added in.

    It’s got disturbing echoes with various other “forces” in the NI context – UVF, Third Force which i’m sure the Tories would have preferred to avoid. Also with Molsely’s “New Party” of the 30s.

    While its a reference to the Cameron/Empey “new political force” in the article they used to launch the project, I doubt the voters will pick up on that.

    Very strange choice of words. You can imagine it’ll be quite off-putting having it on the ballot paper as the pencil hovers indecisively over the box beside it.

  • Seymour Major

    Well, now we know.

    So long as people know what they are voting for, what goes on the paper does not matter too much. What will be more significant is how this is marketed as a brand.

    I wasn’t privy to any of the discussions, yet somehow I have a feeling there is something exceptionally significant about “New Force” even though the total name does not exactly roll off the tongue.

    What we have to offer the voters is something new. Never underestimate the power of a good adjective in a name. Tony Blair would agree with that.

  • Silverline

    What a stupid name!

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin


    This wasn’t really thought out very well.

    A rediculous name really.

    Plenty of domineering Tory input I bet and Unionists had hardly any say.

    Those Conservatives are really outta touch with NI.

  • As William Grant,Minister of Health and Local Government(1944-1949) once said:’Any suggestion that our party had deserted its Unionist principles for Conservatism, or as our enemies would say, reactionary Toryism,would almost certainly result in the loss of a substantial portion of our Unionist-Labour support’.

    Fast forward to 2009: a lot of the Unionist-working class support has been lost.

  • graduate

    Snappy name that. Is it only me or are the UUP really being stuffed by Tory HQ? After all, it’s the Conservative name which comes first and yet the word ‘Ulster’ gives them a clear get out of jail free card when this all goes tits up. By my reckoning this is a dry run for a link with the tartan tories aka SNP rather than any serious attempt to change politics here. Rather smacks of letting someone else do the hard work and then Tories just taking credit.
    BTW Could someone please tell me how Tories feel about current UUP atteempt to say the 2 unionist MEPS who should be returned are the two Jims? Why are the UUP persisting with this idea that the TUV are also decent people rather like the UUP themselves? Just curious and I await to be enlightened as to how delighted the Conservatives are to be linked to the TUV by the witterings of yet another UUP councillor in today’s Newsletter.

  • The Postman

    I think it’s a fairly appropriate name for a fringe party filled with delusional nut jobs. Well done.

  • Carson’s Cat

    I’d have preferred Conservative and Unionist, New Team myself.

    Its certainly what I think every time I see Reg Empey anyway……

  • ??

    reg (the chief of the CUNFs) about sylvia: He refused to be drawn on the absence at the launch of the only Ulster Unionist MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon, saying she “can speak for herself”.

    Sounds like trouble at mill, could Lady H be heading for the new formed labour party in NI?

  • ??

    just picked this up from the newsletter, looks like the Tories are going to ignore the Ulster bit entirely

    A Conservative spokesman said: “We are delighted with the Unionists’ decision and look forward to campaigning from tomorrow as the Conservatives and Unionists.”

    Is this another RUC moment for the UUP, getting round the issue by telling everyone Ulster is in the title deeds but in reality they will be known as the Conservatives and Unionists.

  • ??
    The more things change,the more they stay the same!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Given David McNarry’s penchant for drawing parallels between NI politics and science fiction, maybe we should refer to them as merely “The Force”.

  • Elvis parker

    Love the old class war thinking that Tories cant be the friend of the working classes – like 10 years of Labour have delivered nirvana!

    The Conservatives and Unionists is an attempt to move NI closer to normal politics – it will obviously be opposed by Irish nationalists and by Ulster Nationalists like the UDUPes.

    Sure Peter’s best friends are Alex Slamond and Marty McGuinness he said we all have to gang up against the evil Brits in London

  • ??

    was it unaminous or were there abstensions

  • ??

    Can someone correct this threads title as Micheal has admitted it was passed unanimously.

    Anyone know who abstained?

  • Shane

    Unionists teaming up with “Armed, Irish, Papists” who would have thought that possible!