Everyone happy then?

If you reckoned the new name for the conjoined UUP/Conservative Party was clearly conjured up by a committee, spare a thought for the [Local Government] Boundaries Commissioner. He has, reportedly, produced revised recommendations for names for 6 of the 11 new councils. It’s not quite what Gregory Campbell had in mind.. Adds There are also some boundary changes involved. Update Wrong Commission link fixed and here are the revised recommendations [pdf file]. Full revised recommendations here.

There were six name changes proposed:
• Derry City and Strabane District Council should be called Derry City and Strabane Regional Council.
• Armagh City and Bann District should be called Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon District Council.
• Newry City and Down District Council should be called Newry City, Mourne and Down District Council.
• Ards and North Down District Council should be called North Down and Ards District Council.
• Causeway Coast District Council should be called Causeway Coast and Glens District Council.
• Mid Antrim District Council should be called Mid and East Antrim District council.

From the revised recommendations [pdf file]

For the most part the boundaries of the new districts are as set out in my Provisional Recommendations. The main change is between the Mid Ulster and the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon districts where the new boundary follows the line of the River Blackwater, this being a more readily identifiable boundary. The other change is between the Mid and East Antrim and the Antrim and Newtownabbey districts where the whole of the campus of Belfast High School, together with some nearby residential development, is brought within the latter district. Two other small changes are proposed, namely, that two townlands near Rathfriland should not transfer to the Newry City, Mourne and Down district and that the Belfast boundary at Tullycarnet should be adjusted to reflect new development on the ground.

Having regard to the desirability that there should be a proper representation of the rural and urban electorate within a district, I am proposing to increase the number of wards in two districts to 41. The two districts are Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon, and Newry City, Mourne and Down. Apart from that, I am confirming my Provisional Recommendations that Belfast should have 60 wards and the remaining councils should have 40 wards.

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  • Alan

    And Belfast will be

    “Belfast without Big Bits of Belfast Council”.

  • Glensman

    I think the Glens council sounds ok. Causeway Coast and Glens tourism has been heavily marketed in the past few years- so it makes sense for the council to have the same name.

    Although if you ask most people in the Middle Glens they’d much rather have been put in with Ballymena than Coleraine!

  • delta omega

    The key question here is how much that major exercise to rename these councils has cost.

  • danielmoran

    to original poster….. i would think campbell would definitely not be amused at the new title, especially given what he did in ’84 when the original council name was changed. [boycotted the guildhall chamber for months and then had to crawl back in when the tactic backfired]. as for the uup linking up with the tories. Is that an admission that breaking away after the fall of stormont in ’72 was wrong?

  • fair_deal


    The boundary commission link is to the parliamentary boundaries site. This is the local government site.

  • Pete Baker


    Thanks fd.

    No wonder I was confused about what they say there.

  • dodrade

    Do these names have to be approved by the Assembly?

  • Humphrey

    Sammy Wilson has the final say on the names of the councils

  • danielmoran

    to humphrey … i would think that if that’s all it takes, and sammy wilson has the last word, then stormont needs to be shut down, what possessed the shinners to go into govt. with that lot?.[detestable undemocratic party] they have some explaining to do to their voters.

  • Mark McGregor

    “…I am unable to recommend that districts and wards be named in Irish or bilingually”

  • Mark McGregor

    btw, if anyone wants a hard copy of the report for some bizarre reason drop me a mail and I’ll send you mine.

  • Sammy Wilson has the final say on the names of the councils

    If you’re right, Humphrey (which I doubt), then we’re headed for another long stand-off. The issue of Derry is one that Sinn Féin will not compromise on, and I guess neither will the DUP (judging by their submmission to the RPA or LGC (I don’t remember which)).

    SF will introduce a petition of concern, and then that’s it blocked until mummy steps in.

  • Greenflag

    And how much did that load of horse manure cost ? And how much more will it cost before they’re done .

    Don Quixote had his windmills

    Northern Ireland has it’s ‘names ‘

    More shite on a swingswong going nowhere 🙁

  • picador

    “…I am unable to recommend that districts and wards be named in Irish or bilingually”

    The staff at Limavady who refused to wear a uniform bearing a bilingual logo will be pleased.

  • The Impartial Observer

    “Newry City, Mourne and Down District Council”

    UGH! Hate it! Of course, South Armagh will want to be included in the name so it will be even more unwieldy. IIRC a year or 2 ago there was a debate in Newry Council about renaming and I think it was Danny Kennedy who was reported as saying that in order to keep everyone happy the Council would end up being called “Newry City, Gullion, Mourne ad Kilkeel DC!” To be fair I hate the whole thing, Newry and Mourne and Down do not make any sense as a council. Could someone please tell me what does Crossmaglen have in common with Saintfield? The transport links within the area are woeful, there are only 2 roads from Newry to Downpatrick. There’s the coast road, very scenic, but narrow, meandering and would take well over an hour, and then there’s the road which runs from Newry through Mayobridge, Hilltown and Castlewellan, again this is a very narrow and treachorous road (anyone know the Seven Sisters outside Mayobridge?) where traffic frequently gets held up by farm vehicles and slow HGV’s. Downpatrick will be a big loser from this, it has a lot more public sector jobs than Newry, but you can be sure that my local representatives will vote to base the Council by the Newry Canal! I’m sure there would have to be branch offices retained in Downpatrick as it would be totally unjust to expect people from Ardglass and Killyleagh to travel to Newry for services, especially given the state of the roads outlined above.

    Am I the only one who thinks the original RPA 7 COuncil model actually makes more sense? Newry has more in common with Armagh and Banbridge than Downpatrick and the transport links are superior. But of course we all know the real reasons why this dog’s breakfast is being served up!

  • dunreavynomore

    The Impartial Observer
    “Newry City,Gullion,Mourne and Killkeel D.C.”
    Hold on there, yeh forgot The Fews!!!!
    The present Newry and Mourne is disjointed enough and I agree with your point that Saintfield and Crossmaglen might as well be on different planets.

  • Anyone who thinks that only SF want this city to be officially recognised as Derry probably also thinks that SF are good negotiators (listening too much to BBC correspondents I’d say).

    I would say that most nationalists up here would accept the new council being called ‘Foyle’ or something like that but ONLY if the city’s name was officially recognised as being Derry.

    Without recognition in the council title, there would be no official status of the original name unless that came to pass.

    So if the DUP are serious about the council name, let’s see a bit of compromise and have Gregory peitition the Queen for the city’s name change!


  • The Raven (who lives in County Londonderry)

    The city’s name IS Derry…what’s the problem…?


  • Jonathan Crawford

    The Raven makes a reasonably good point. Whilst the city is officially called Londonderry, it is largely referred to as Derry by most people living there, as well as the Apprentice boys.

    There is however no such county as Derry, and there never has been.

  • The Raven (who’d love to see it return to County C

    Yes, Jonathan – my thoughts exactly!

  • danielmoran

    to nbnw… i expect that when the westminster privy council decide what they want to do with the charter, they will either amend it to say that only the land built on at the time should remain with the prefix. or they could recommend the name revert back to pre charter status ie derry. the privy council is made up of mainly english mps who have little or no sympathy with unionists here. in fact if jeffrey donaldson is making the case for the status quo, that will surely swing it for derry.

  • ballyboy

    Have to agree about the Crossmaglen-Saintfield thing, it’s ridiculous, it even looks contrived on a map.

    The River Blackwater boundary suggestion was one I sent in! Currently there’s a small part of Co. Armagh around Peatlands Park that’s included in Dungannon & South Tyrone, it makes more sense to lump it in with Armagh and Craigavon (though it would’ve made more sense to lump south Armagh in there as well).

  • Gordon (Still #10)

    Hoots mon! A Crivens! There be old maps of Ulster with a County Derry as available in ye Olde Tourist Shops!