Yes, it is a feckin recession…

From Brian Greene on Twitter…

22yr since i was last in a dole office. Only this time im 100% not eligable. But its brisker than a polling station on election day!

Brian’s blog home is here…

  • I am just shocked, though not so impoverished, by this and worse happening all around the world to people who didn’t expect it, plan for it, nor deserve it.

    I just hope that every country passes legislation to penalize the parasities who made it happen, and if they don’t, I hope that people take direct action in every way possible against them to settle scores.

    The world is just not a play thing for its elites.

  • Seán

    Brian is a Trot (i.e. Trotskyite Communist) who has never been elected to Dublin City Council. I don’t know why a reference to a post from his blog is worth putting up on this site. He is an electoral nobody.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I thought the comment was amusing. But if he’s a Trot, he’s a Trot with a satellite dish who pays subscription money to Murdoch.