Temporary removal of blog…

Don’t panic. If you are looking for Mark’s blog I have taken it off line since it got a bit out of hand. I’ll be put the story back online tomorrow when the off topic remarks have been removed… Sorry for the inconvenience…

  • Fuck’s sake. Didn’t read this earlier when I had the chance.

  • Dave

    Mark is an interesting Blogger but he needs to think before he types. It is very poor form to attack someone who suffers from a manic-depressive or any mental illness, but it degenerated from disagreeable remarks into dismal farce when the Blogger began trading ill-tempered mock-bravado jibes with another Commenter. Mark at least had the decency to recant the former remarks, but Bloggers should hold to a higher standard of social discourse than was evident on that thread. I may be a right-wing curmudgeon but I have yet to type a single word on the Internet in anger. Can’t you fine him a week’s wages? 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    It’ll be back as early as I can make in the morning…

  • not as much fun with the bad stuff removed though Mick!

  • picador

    I suppose it gives us an insight into the ‘battle’ of control for the ‘ghettoes’ of nationalist Belfast involving various rival ‘republican’ stands and ‘hoods’. Pretty it ain’t.

  • ArchiPurple

    Missed the spat….always like to see Republicans knocking hells bells out of each other…with Mark’s blog removed does that mean Eiri are 1 nil down?

  • ArchiePurple

    Didn’t read before I sent….Eiri….short form for EIRIGI….home of the renegate Shinners

  • dear o dear

    Agree with dave. Bloggers getting involved in spats however funny should try to hold themselves to a higher standard. No point in writing about civility in the comments if bloggers are involved.

  • picador


    Your Béarla is as bad as your Gaeilge.

    What is a ‘renegate’ Shinner?

    éirígí is an exhortation to ‘arise’ BTW

    And no, I am not a disciple.

  • picador


    Other than a couple of prominent slogans on the éirígí home page there is next to no gaeilge on the their web site. There is one article, in English, entitled ‘Irish language under attack in the six counties’.

    They seem to be very much in the ‘cupla focail’, use the Irish language as a political football, do f*ck all to actually learn it mode.

    Makes you sick really.

  • picador

    And while I’m on the subject of hypocrisy that should have read ‘cúpla focail’ of course.

  • Dave

    dear o dear, the bee in my bonnet about this is that the Commenter concerned is well capable of making cogent and relevant contributions to threads, so I just felt it was unfair to use his self-confessed illness to claim that those contributions should be dismissed from the discussion as irrational gibberish. That bee would still be buzzing even if that was conveyed in a civil manner. His obsession with the Anti-Christ is annoying, however. 😉

  • dear o dear

    Did not catch everything dave. As well as agreeing re higher standards but John is harmless even if he is a little anoying!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Mark may have written his blog with some kind of political objective in mind, however 90% of the text consisted of observations about how exactly the hoods are making people’s lives a misery. I thought that some of the comments from other people were more outwardly political than Mark’s piece.

    What I was concerned about, vis. the blog being pulled, was someone posting under the name “Lower Falls” who, rather absurdly, suggested that discrimination was going on in view of the area being “singled out” for reporting on Slugger. It is quite true that the problems in Lower Falls are not unique, but it’s ridiculous to suggest that this means that they should not be reported. Mark can’t be blamed for making the observation that Sinn Fein don’t seem to be delivering and that the PSNI are failing to get a grip on the problems. That is my view and it’s also the view of the DUP councillors in the areas near where I live where we have similar problems, so it is by no means a strictly republican perspective.

    We’ll get a chance to talk about it properly when it is reinstated.

  • TO CS

    Lower Falls is a disgruntled former Slugger participant who was trolling on the thread solely to cause disruption. If people reading what they had written when they first started trolling on the thread believed the guff, all the better to their mind. But their purpose was to have a go at Mark and undermine his post no matter what. All of what Lower Falls wrote was pure nonsense, meant to disguise themselves, trolling.

  • Neil

    was someone posting under the name “Lower Falls” … the area being “singled out” for reporting on Slugger.

    Considering the ATN described the Lower Falls as a war zone in the monday edition, I think that might be stretching things a bit. No houses burnt down by hoods on the Malone Road last week end as far as I know.

    You can’t please all the people all of the time, and you can’t please most people some of the time.

  • just a thought..

    You can’t please all the people all of the time, and you can’t please most people some of the time

    True. Although vigilante is a loaded word. If Sinn Fein, or Fra McCann are supporting the people re marching on hoods homes calling that action vigilantism is equal to condemning people for using the only tatic people have left.

    If people are doing this as a last resort who can condemn them for it?

    As to the lower falls being a war zone other areas have been described like that in the past. Ballymurphy?

    What happened in BM tore that community apart, there is a case that reporting this from an anti sinn fein standpoint who are behind the people could damage things further. There is a responsibility on bloggers as there is on jurnos to report responsibly. If a discussion is needed on anti social behaviour it needs to be broadened out to include all areas that suffer from that affliction, and not one area, whether it be the lower falls or anywhere else.

    Sectional reporting damages. What is need is positive contributions. A highlighting of the issue does not suffice unless it looks at problems as a whole. Poverty and deprivation as well as systemic failure, in all areas with anti social behaviour.

    The lower falls is not unique, as has been pointed out already. Neither is this solely a Sinn Fein problem.

  • Neil

    I agree. It would be interesting to see a debate on the subject of anti-social behaviour (asb from here on to save ma typing), and to see suggestions from people on how to deal with it.

    I’ve been through that mill, and lived a few years of abject misery due to asb, fortunately, while the people responsible are still living next door, they’ve shifted their attentions onto other neighbours. Primarily ones that are either old or female and single.

    I am confident that there are probably people who read this blog regularly who would love to see this as a topic. Nothing more annoying than living your life under a cloud because of an unruly child with an unfit parent.

    And of course I agree that there are many other places which suffer the same crap, it’s getting worse all over. But don’t worry there’s light at the end of the tunnell. If Patricia Lewsley gets her way then the unfit parents won’t be allowed to chastise their kids. As opposed to simply not being bothered to – or in our case actively encouraging the kids to go out and throw stones/kick a football off your house/shout abuse etc.

  • DC

    Would it not just be best to give Mark his own blogspot blog and link off this site in a visible way?

  • Mick Fealty

    Original thread now ‘cleaned’ and reopened…

  • Dev

    Argh! Why do I always miss it when there are slagging matches!! I know we are supposed to be having grown up debates about politics and what not, but still, I always miss the juicy rows!

  • PaddyReilly

    Does this mean that Gerry Adams really is the beast signified by the number 666?

  • joeCanuck

    Someone else thinks there needs to be a recount, saying that the number of Adams comes out as 646.
    Myself, I think numerology is a load of bollix.