Foxes Book of Martyrs and an ‘Ave’ for Dr Paisley…

Okay, it’s old news, but no less for the retelling 21 years later

  • joeCanuck

    Maybe he just hums along.

  • Rory Carr

    “Foxes Book of Martyrs and an ‘Ave’ for Dr Paisley…”

    Just a case of the old boy hedging his bets as usual. What else could we have expected from a man who has simultaneously won the esteem of the Republican leadership and managed to have his wife elevated to the peerage?

    I shouldn’t be at all surprised to catch him walking upon Lough Neagh one fine morning.

  • 6cp

    He was probably more taken by the melody than the lyrics. If I remember correctly, some of the hymns from the Free P ‘Our Own hymn Book’ can be sung to the same tune.

  • Earnan

    Deep down he’s really a Papist