EU bet

Paddy Power have some odds up for the European election:

Bairbre de Brún favourite to top the poll 4/5

Jim Allister’s first preference most likely to be 30,001 – 40, 000 9/4

  • fair_deal

    “Jim Nicholson (or Ulster Unionist Candidate)”

    Why this odd phraseology?

  • Mark,

    Old news.

    It’s been on my blog since 12 February!

  • Mark McGregor


    Sorry. Must start reading your blog.

  • Must start reading your blog.

    Can’t wait for that old hit counter to really start spinning ….


  • blinding

    If Sinn Féin do top the poll then it will be interesting to see if this has a psycological effect on Unionism.

    Might we see a few more David Burnside’s throwing in the towel.

  • T.Ruth

    Allister will receive the same first preference vote as Rab Mccartney might have gathered. He was elected on a DUP vote and certainly not on the basis of a charismatic appeal to the Unionist electorate.The DUP and Unionists will join in ensuring two Unionist seats.The DUP candidate will top the poll. She should not be underestimated. Any Unionist who votes for Allister is voting to put Sinn fein in a bragging rights position. One way or the other the Republican United Ireland dream will not be realised. The people in the Republic see SF as a northern Party with little relevance in the South,and would not want to assume reponsibility for governing NI at any price.

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    No odds quoted to win a seat from Mr Power. How about

    Nicholson 1/2
    Maginnis 3/1
    Allister 5/1
    Other 20/1

    Paddy would of course have a larger overround but that’s why he’s a lot richer than me.

  • frustrated democrat

    Fair Deal

    He hasn’t been offically selected yet.

  • Objectivist

    ”and would not want to assume reponsibility for governing NI at any price.”

    Not so.

  • ??

    any word on how the UUPCONs are going to get their name on the ballot as they are not a single registered party? Either UUP or Tory, or independent.

    what will it be? (given the tories are paying for a lot of it, i say Tory)

  • what if there is an extreme weather event linked to man made climate change on polling day?

    that would be good as the DUP vote always comes out…. no matter the weather…

  • ABC

    “He hasn’t been offically selected yet.”

    He was selected by the Ulster Unionist Party more than a year ago.

  • fair_deal


    “He hasn’t been offically selected yet.”

    Cameron endorsed him at the UUP party conference

    “First at the European elections – where it is essential we see Jim Nicholson returned to the Conservative Group in Strasbourg – and then at the General Election.”