Abandoned to criminals? Or a day in the life?

Came across this entry on irishrepublican.net (can’t direct link as the site is closed to general readers and most new members after Private Messages were accessed and read by person or persons unknown – but that’s another story):

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Further update added – Fra McCann’s support for vigilantism

People of the Lower Falls abandoned
from irishrepublican.net

These pictures show a house which has been destroyed by local scummy bastards from Divis. Those responible are known as DHLA* from Divis, The house in question is number 15 mcdonald street, lower falls, belfast.

This area has been abandoned to the dogs and residents feel isolated and helpless. Over the last 6 weeks the area has been trashed by bins been stolen and burnt outside houses, joyriders have returned to the area and have caused chaos to this small built up estate.

As a resident myself, i have to say the only time i saw a politican from sinn fein, sdlp was when Bap McCreeevy was killed. I can tell you now that someone else is going to be killed with the destruction of our community.

Those local mla’s tasked with the reponsibility of looking after our safety and interests have let me down and other residents down big time.

Over a year ago i heard Sinn Fein talk about a multiagency approach with tackling Anti Social Behaviour, but im sorry it has failed as this area has not been turned around, this is the worst place to live in the 6 counties.

The area has a underbelly of society who want to cause hurt, destruction and for better word, they want to create their own estate for criminals.

What can we do to sort this area out? I know what i think but would like to hear yours.
I would like good solid answers from all sections regarding this please.

*DHLA – Divis Hoods Liberation Army


In Monday’s ATN local SF MLA Fra McCann gave his support to ‘plans to march on hoods homes’ in the area – can’t get a direct link but it is on page 4 of the pagesuite edition (which now requires ridiculously invasive and pointless registration requirements – [cynic]unless of course you are intending to sell the information gathered during the ‘free registration'[/cynic]).

Although the previous Thursday’s issue carried a report on page 8 seemingly critical of community pickets outside a house where it was alleged by CFAD (Concerned Families Against Drugs) drug dealing took/takes place – CFAD has little or no SF support.

Further update: SF support for vigilantism

Plans to march on hoods’ homes
Andersonstown News 24/02/09

A Sinn Féin MLA has said he will support plans by Lower Falls residents to march on the homes of hoods destroying the district.

Fra McCann says the situation has got so bad that people feel they have no option but to protest outside the houses of those wrecking the area.

“I’d fully support any protest plans,” said Fra.

“This community has had its fill of the hoods wrecking this area.”

Rampaging gangs have turned the Lower Falls into a war zone in recent weeks.

Last Wednesday they burned down an empty house in McDonnell Street, before using debris from the property to build a barricade across the road.

The incident followed a story in last Monday’s Andersonstown News that a vacant home in McDonnell Street had become a magnet for anti-social elements.

The next day a car was set on fire on Roumania Rise. When firefighters attempted to put out the blaze they were stoned.

The situation has become so bad that residents are afraid to walk the streets after dark. The problem is made worse by the fact that lampposts in Albert and Servia streets have been smashed, plunging the area into darkness.

When contractors attempted to repair the lights they were bricked by gangs that included children as young as eight.

When they did eventually return to the area they had to be escorted by community workers. Terrified locals, who have compared the Lower Falls to Dodge City, also complain that death driving, drug dealing, underage drinking and assaults are rife.

Last year former republican prisoner Bap McGreevy was beaten to death at his Ross Road flat.

Following the killing, which shocked West Belfast, politicians, the PSNI and government agencies promised to do all they could to clean up the Lower Falls. But after some initial success residents say the area is as bad as ever.

With community patience quickly running out, locals are planning protests outside the homes of the rampaging hoods – a move that has the full backing of Sinn Féin.

“If there are going to be demonstrations they need to be part of an overall strategy,” added Fra McCann.

“I met with the PSNI on Friday and there are further meetings planned with the Housing Executive. What we need, though, is the community to unite and deal with this problem. It’s no good people sitting at home complaining. If you want to make a difference get involved with the Safer Neighbourhood Project or residents’ association.”

The Housing Executive joined in the condemnation of the hoods wrecking the Lower Falls.

A spokeswoman said: “We utterly condemn the actions of those responsible for the constant vandalism and damage to property, which puts the entire community at risk.

“We will not hesitate to take legal action against any Housing Executive tenants who have been involved in anti-social behaviour.”

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