Two good for EU

Back in April comments on this thread about the now unlikely FF/SDLP merger touched on potential European election candidates. Reader ‘Crow’ correctly called Diane Dodds as the DUP contender and also put Nuala O’Loan in the frame as the SDLP candidate.

Of course Alban Maginness was actually selected by the SDLP but Suzanne Breen has claimed in the Tribune (using unnamed ‘sources’ so take whatever salt dose you feel appropriate) that he was very much 2nd choice and Mark Durkan personally approached Nuala O’Loan on becoming their candidate.

  • fin

    bit disturbing that the sdlp felt their best chance was with a candidate who wasn’t a member of the party.

    I wonder if they also approached Tim Collins : )

  • BigBoss

    If it is true it would have been a great move for the SDLP. Nuala running would have got them, the european seat back without a dout,

    However i think Alban will be successful in getting the 2nd seat for Nationalism anyway!

  • veritas

    If O`Loan was elected, where is the evidence that she would have followed an SDLP line?

    She is bigger than the SDLP.

  • Nuala O’Loan would have been a terrifying prospect for a divided unionism – she would presumably have secured quite a few liberal Protestant votes as well as getting a strong turn out of women and nationalists. She would have made de Brún look quite feeble.

    Fin – it seems the SDLP are damned if they do and damned if they don’t by your analysis. I think that the SDLP grassroots would be delighted if Durkan was approaching such a strong woman to suss out her willingness. The fact that she didn’t take it up because she has a roving role for the Irish government in policing reform is no reflection on any approach.

    The SDLP Assembly team has quite a few older heads – why shouldn’t they be looking outside for new talent? The more of it the better for the future – God knows we need more brains in Brussels and Stormont!

    Alban should give it a good blast anyway – 2 nationalist seats are a good outside bet.

  • J Kelly

    under Mark Durkan the sdlp are damned, nuala o laon wouldn’t touch the poisioned chalice that is the sdlp candidate in europe with a barge pole. she wouldn’t her career away by being labeled a political failure, i prefict that the sdlp first preference votes will be down on 2004 and if i am right Durkan has to fall on hos sword.