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Kicking off, no one does hysteria like the Irish… SK picks up a piece in today’s Irish Times and notes that the fact that the ICTU keeps quiet about in its ten point plan, ie that “public sector workers on balance did far better out of the Celtic Tiger than the private sector ones.”- Michael argues that if you cut wages you also cut tax revenues. But something must be done when “Goodbody [is] predicting that the General Government Deficit will be 25 percent higher than Government estimates this year.” He asks of the devaluators (public secotr wage cutters to you and me) that since “private consumption will fall by seven percent (Government estimates put it at less than three percent), how much more would a wage cut add to this downward cycle?”

– Cian with the ‘I kissed Brian Cowen musical interlude‘…

– Karl Whelan on the how the Pensions Levy works

– Gavin wants to know if Brian Lenihan reads the papers….

– Justin O’Brien (formerly of Queens, now in Canberra) says the government should reveal everything it knew (ie the whole PWC report)…

– After getting a bit of stick in Slugger’s comment zone for sticking it to the non-attributing MSM (and cloud sintex, etc..) , Conaill reveals that it was him who texted Good Morning Ulster… So ya boo, sucks, etc…

– Yay… it got Lance his bike back though

– For once, David Vance and I see eye to eye on something… The descent of values the Northern Irish house market is a Good Thing… He doesn’t link him, but here’s Adam Smith’s enlightened view of property markets:

A dwelling-house, as such, contributes nothing to the revenue of its inhabitant,” Smith said in The Wealth of Nations. “If it is lett [sic] to a tenant for rent, as the house itself can produce nothing, the tenant must always pay the rent out of some other revenue.” Therefore Smith concluded that, although a house can make money for its owner if it is rented, “the revenue of the whole body of the people can never be in the smallest degree increased by it”.

– Tories and Social intervention? Good says Burke’s CornerRubbish says the Liberarian Party blog

– And O’Neill raids Finland for the way to go on selection in education

– And finally The Voyage packages the unenlightenment project the DUP is fast becoming tight as a drum…

Adds: Wasn’t sure how this thread was going earlier, but it has developed into a blunt, but mostly civil and revealing discussion about the probity of the Irish Blog Awards

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