“Anomalous image” found in unmarked graves search

Police forensic teams are reported to be examining ground close to the Bog Meadows wildlife sanctuary after an “anomalous image” was detected during a radar search for unmarked graves. From the Belfast Telegraph report.

A PSNI spokesman said: “Police are carrying out further investigations surrounding an anomalous image which arose during the survey being conducted by Queen’s University Belfast and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.”

Update BBC report – “Police have ended a search for traces of human remains at Bog Meadows in west Belfast, without anything being found.”

  • Claudy in areas

    This is interesting. The police must waste no time in determining the co-religiosity status of the anomalous image.

  • file

    Oh shit! That’s where I left those guns…

  • William

    Claudy boy…..Are YOU trying to be sectarian?

  • Claudy in areas

    “Claudy boy…..Are YOU trying to be sectarian?”

    Can’t you tell? Relax, nobody’s stealing your thunder.

  • picador

    They have found Shergar at last!

  • joeCanuck

    If a body of one of the “disappeared” is found there, some of the comments above will be seen to be in very poor taste.

  • Seimi

    There is talk that police are investigating the site in relation to the disappearence of two young boys in the area many years ago. Some of the comments above are in extremely poor taste.