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JUST a quick round-up of some new blogs and websites that may be of interest to readers… Esoterica NI emailed me weeks ago, presumably in the hope of a plug for his/her blog on local politics – so here it is. Peter Weir MLA has a new site up and running. Education for All follows the complete hash the Education Minister is making of replacing the transfer test. And the new Your Assembly site is now up, primarily as a vehicle to promote the Assembly roadshow, but with potential for more, I feel, in the future. (And the IT guys at Stormont should know that their Tweets are much appreciated!) Anyone feel left out?

  • The Assembly IT department are really doing a lot of good work at the minute. I was up with them earlier in the week and theres a lot of good wee initiatives going at the moment. I’m especially into anything that reduces the colossal paper-trail that MLAs leave behind, especially in terms of correspondence, etc. I’ve asked for the cost of all the reports that are printed out and sent to Assembly Members. I get all mine by e-mail now and rarely need to print them out but some of them can cost 20 or 30 pounds each. Multiply that by 108 every time and you start to understand how much money is wasted.

    I personally think that Assembly members from all parties should get IT training if they need it and reduce the amount of money which is senselessly wasted.

    On a side-not though any NGOs, etc. that send correspondence to ourselves should consider giving Assembly members the option of receiving letters, reports, etc. by e-mail if that option is open to them as an organisation. Because, to be frank, members simply do not have the time to read every single report that comes in the post, they need to prioritise and this is sometimes done on the basis of their party brief. If reports were e-mailed by pdf rather than posted it would save those organisations and businesses a heck of a lot of money as well. Seems like common sense to me.

  • Yet another Unionist blog, though first one from a DUP perspective:

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    so many pictures of Peter Weir in one place
    curse you interweb!

  • Thanks very much for the plug Gonzo!

    Daithí, congratulations on your work in attempting to make the Assembly more web accountable. The sooner they bring in a listen in / radio feature to Assembly Committees the better.

    It will save people trudging to the Hill from all over NI (better for the environment) before they find they actually can’t get into watch the Committee they wanted to because all the ‘public seats’ are occupied by civil servants.

    My full rant is here and was my first blog post!

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    Not as good as the World Wide Net!