“the case was not settled, it was stayed.”

It had been reported yesterday that Sinn Féin MLA Francie Brolly had “settled” a High Court action he had taken against the Chief Constable in connection to his arrest and questioning in 2005 about the 1972 Claudy bombing. At the time Sinn Féin claimed the arrest was “politically motivated”. He was later released without charge. According to yesterday’s Irish News report

The High Court was told yesterday that the lawsuit has now been settled on terms endorsed. Mr Brolly refused to go into the details of the resolution. “I’m not making any comment on that,” he said. “I have been advised that everything is in confidence.”

But today there was a clarification from the PSNI

However, in a statement yesterday a police spokesman said: “The PSNI wishes to clarify the position: the case was not settled, it was stayed. “A stay simply means that the plaintiff, in this case Mr Brolly, is not proceeding with his action.

“It should not be assumed or inferred from the fact that proceedings have been stayed that there has been any agreement to pay compensation or costs, or that there has been any acceptance of liability. Since the word ‘settled’ may be capable of carrying such an implication, it is necessary to make this clear.”

Today’s Irish News report notes

Last night Mr Brolly said he had been instructed by his legal team not to make any public comment. However the MLA said Police Ombudsman Al Hutchison was investigating the case. Mr Brolly said he was looking forward to hearing the findings of the ombudsman’s office.

[Will the Ombudsman clarify that? – Ed]