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Okay, since Damien has dubbed this Irish Blog Week what about another Blogburst? Kicking off, Cian notes that Dan Boyle’s ominous (for Fianna Fail that is) remarks on Vincent Browne the other night may not have been off the cuff and under pressure. On Bloomberg, Doyle’s been quoted : “We are committed to remaining in government but that is not an open-ended commitment.” – Also on Irish Election, P O’Neill:

Another strange revelation: the Financial Regulator got legal advice on Anglo-Irish in July that its arrangement to offload the Quinn shares to the Anglo Ten was legitimate. Who did they get their legal advice from? Anglo! And why did Anglo need the share support operation? Because dastardly hedge funds were speculating against the Bank, as if there might be some dodgy things going on with its balance sheet or something. Where on earth did they get that idea?

– Gavin looks at the bank’s books wonders who might have been inside the bank’s ‘golden circle’: ie the 10 investors to whom the bank lent €300 million (£265.2 million) to buy a 10 percent stake in itself that tycoon Sean Quinn was looking to unload…

– Cowen says there was no Minister amongst them

– Cian has some timely legal advice for anyone thinking of actually naming the individuals concerned

– Suzy has some suggestions on how to save money on rent support other than the Fine Gael suggestion that rent allowance to the poorest tenants be cut

– Gerard on a relatively housing tack notes that 95% of the city inhabitant of Zurich live in RENTED accommodation. What landlords need is a stable regulatory regime that allows them to build for the future and provide a decent service at much lower cost than mass home ownership…

…the two (obvious) drivers of housing tenure profiles in most cities and countries are 1) the relative price of renting versus owning, and 2) the impact of regulation on rents and house prices. The continuing uncertainty in this country about the future environment for renting (especially if you are a landlord) does not bode well for any kind of smooth transition from a nation obsessed with owning homes to one with better things to spend their money on (before they die, that is).

– On, why not just print more Irish Euros and not tell anyone…?

– Staff at Bobballs want to know from the Northern Irish First Minister: Why the D?

– And Timothy Lord Belmont has been taste the Vension Burgers at Made in Belfast

Grabbing the MindShare, how those greedy, mind-feeding pigs at Politico want to gobble up everything in their path…

– Calum reports good news for the SNP in the wake of the budget crisis

– But there are Rumours of Border Guards at Greta

– Stephen runs a health check over the Arc of Prosperity and finds it wanting…

– And from Ger comes the shocking news that there probably is no blog

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