It seems Sinn Fein has landed itself on the wrong side of the Equality Commission, again. has been stung for £15,000 in compensation for gender discrimination in respect of the way it treated one of its female employees, Anne McGuinness.

“I am happy that this matter has now been resolved and particularly pleased that, as a result of this case, the party will now work with the Equality Commission to ensure that its policies and procedures deliver the highest standards of equality of opportunity.”

The party said it “regretted any perception Ms McGuinness may have had” that appointments had “operated to her disadvantage”.

  • veritas

    parity of esteem…..maybe, as long as your a Protestant Male!

    SF are seemingly stumbling from one embarrassment to another,is the circus in town.

    What other party leader would get away scot free without anyone questioning his “ability”…

  • William

    Anne McGuinness, better known as Dodie, is the former sister-in-law of Marty, the Deputy/Joint/Joined at the Hip First Minister of our little province.

    It would have been interesting to hear the chat across the table about Dodie’s revenge on the party, especially Marty.

    I wonder what her current role is in the Party? Perhaps the SDLP have just gained a new voter and the Abbey Street Credit Union a new investor.

  • DC

    Ah shit not discrimination against a Catholic called McGuinness, crikey will this now precipitate another 30 year-long car bombing campaign – except against younger males in SF this time round?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    So much for an Ireland of equals! And just before the ard fheis too – how totally embarrassing.

    Sinn Fein were due to have a whip-round for Taoiseach Brian Cowen in Grafton St this morning to cover the cost of bank recapitalisation.

    Maybe the money raised will cover the pay-out to Dodie.

  • lorraine

    do sinn fein still maintain the pretence of socialism or have they took an honest pill and declared themselves the inheritors of the progressive democrats?

  • fin

    is that a barrel I hear been scraped, at least its not as embarrassing as this one http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/6190029.stm

    I’m curious why you used a link to the Dromore memorial, and the term ‘again’ I understood that involved Omagh Council and not Sinn Fein? please do tell me more

    However glad I followed the link to the beeb, cos this unrelated but v.funny story was alongside

  • Mick Fealty


    Follow the link; read the detail?

  • dunreavynomore

    dodie is one of those people who gave a lot of years to sinn féin when there was no pay for it and i think she has been treated shamefully.

  • fin

    Naw, sorry Mick, I’ve read it all for the 2nd time, including the actual report which Pete Baker had kindly linked to the thread, the reports starts…

    “The Commission has conducted an investigation of whether Omagh District Council has failed to comply with its approved equality scheme, arising from the above, which considered”

    What am I missing? I’ve read the report in full and I’ve also read the Council minutes where it was discussed

  • joeCanuck

    Seems to be a general N.I. Party problem. Didn’t a Ms. Paisley sue the DUP a few years ago on a similar matter?

  • William

    As Sinn Fein have more than 11 employees, they have to make returns to the Equality Commission. I wonder how they fare with regard to equality of oportunity…I wonder how many Protestants do they employ? Do they carry a ‘Applications from Protestants welcome’ on their adverts for jobs. Oh !!! forgot….the Shinners don’t advertise their jobs…they give them to activists….especially the highly paid Stormont ‘advisor’ jobs….

  • gerard.donaghy16

    to joecanuck…… in the case of rhonda paisley, it wasn’t so much of a shock compared to any other n.i. party as the dup is a more rigid setup than even the soviet politburo.