Best of the European blogs…

According to the Nosemonkey… I’m hoping Slugger will play a more active part in tracking European politics in the run up to the European parliamentary elections in June. This is a resource worth coming back to again and again…

  • I ought to point out that that list is a bit dated now – not least because somewhere in the region of 90-100 new EU blogs have launched just in the last month or so thanks to a combination of an EU blogging competition and a sudden surge in interest.

    The best place for tracking EU blogs is now the recently-launched – still in beta, but doing a very good job so far.

    (Any suggestions of Irish EU-focussed blogs much appreciated,by the way – I’m not aware of many, but I’d be amazed if there weren’t a few with the whole Lisbon thing still rumbling on…)

  • Nomad


    Suggestion [you may already have considered]. Could Slugger do posts in the next few months covering the European records of our sitting MEP’s? While I know much about them as individuals, I’d like to know what they’ve been up to- good and bad. Perhaps interviews from candidates could be really interesting?

    I can email this to you if you don’t spot it too. Thanks.