Do yis like mount’ns?

Like mountains? Like walking in them? ? Like their names? Heading out for a dander this afternoon?

If the answer is yes then I think you will appreciate the excellent Mountain Views website, ‘a hill walking resource for Ireland.’

You will find detailed maps, interactive outline map, walking routes, tips, photographs as well as place-name information of a very high standard, well worth a look.

  • Knocklayd has been in the news this week:

    Up to six youths, believed to be 12 and 13-year-olds, had been walking on the Knocklayde Mountain near Ballycastle on Thursday afternoon, but lost their sense of direction with the descent of heavy fog.

    Another walk site: WalkNI

    I suppose Sammy Wilson is the Minister for Silly Walks 😉 Will he looking at right of access in the near future?

  • circles

    Thans for this GGN – much appreciated

  • A Ghael gan Náire,

    That’s a lovely site, one that I have bookmarked and will definitely be returning to when the weather improves (I’m a fair-weather hill walker!). I hope it will still be added to, because some of my own favourite areas are not covered as well as I’d like – but maybe I can add the information myself?

    As a compleent to the ‘Mountains’ page, can I suggest the following ‘Islands’ site:

  • Cowboy Neal

    “but lost their sense of direction with the descent of heavy fog.”

    If only they followed their traditional route!

  • Neal, a carpet of snow compounded with fog plays havoc with routes, traditional and otherwise. At least, they had the benefit of modern technology in the guise of the mobile phone; it counteracted the lack of wit and/or experience.

  • picador

    A good job there are no precipices on Knocklayd – as far as I know. A map and a compass are essential companions.

  • There’s quite a nasty drop into a former quarry, Picador; I’ve added a note to the photo on post #1.