Ynsee Gaelg

I have blogged a few times on matters relating to Scottish Gaelic but let us not forget that Gaelic is spoken in Mann, equally as close to home. I want to highlight the excellent ‘learn manx’ website – learnmanx.com.

The site includes lessons, achives of native speech, a dictionary, literature, folklore, news, games and other information, a veritable one stop shop. It is incredible that no equivalent exists for Irish or Scottish Gaelic, despite the superior resources available to them.

Call in, it will do you no harm! Here the basic phrases for those interested.

Gaelg, ‘the Manx language’
Failt (Fáilt’), welcome
Laa mie (lá maith), good-day
Kys t’ou? (cio[n]as tá thú?), how are you
Moghrey mie (móra maith), good morning
Fastyr mie (Feastar maith), good evening
Oie vie (Oidhche mhaith), good night
My saillt (Más áil leat?), please
Gura mie ayd (go rabh maith agad), thank you
Gura mie eu (go rabh maith ‘aiú), thank you
Cre’n ennym t’ort? (Crén ainm tá ort?), what is your name
Cre’n ennym t’erriu? (Crén ainm t’oraiú?), what is your name
Mish… (mise), I am …
Slane lhiat (Slán leat), good bye
Slane lhiu (Slán liú), good bye (pl.)
Cre shoh? (Cré seo), what is this?
Slaynt (Sláint’), cheers

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