If the titfer fits

Cllr George Robinson MLA (DUP) has described nationalists on Limavady Council as a “dictatorship” after his party was denied a place on the committee overseeing the amalgamation of Limavady, Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle councils. This follows Cllr Peter O’Hagan (SDLP) describing Unionists on Lisburn ‘City’ Council as “a throwback to the pre-1973 era” after they denied his party a place on their Transition Committee, which will oversee the merger of Lisburn and Castlereagh councils.

  • Modernist

    Ok is this what you mean by a tifter. I’d never heard of the word before http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tifter

  • eranu

    is it just me or are northern irish elected representatives permanently locked into some sort of very childish game of tit for tat?

    “You’re bad”
    “No YOU’RE bad”

    and repeat!

  • Mark McGregor

    Modernist – excellent.

    Afraid not though. Its cockney rhyming slang:

    Titfer – ‘tit for tat’ – hat

  • “If the hat fits” grates on me somehow. I always say ‘if the cap fits’ – I wonder if this is a regional/generational/historical variation?

    Either way, you’d have thought poor George Robinson might have thought before he spoke. Though on second thoughts, that would be highly out of character for a DUP politician.

  • Glen Taisie

    Moyle Sinn Fein Councillor Paudie McShane issued press releases and conducted radio interviews to slam SDLP and Independent Nationalist councillors for not supporting him in an election to the above committeee. He felt that the sectarian headcount should have been observed to secure his position on a committee that would oversee the implementation of 11 supercouncils.

    Historians will remember that veteran councillor Francie Molloy was suspended by the “SF thought police” for supporting an 11 council model rather than the 7 council model advocated by the SF party heirachy.

    So Paudie was annoyed because he didn’t get elected to a body that would oversee
    a)a model that his party didn’t support and
    b)a model that the DUP forced past the brilliant Sinn Fein negotiators

    They mightn’t like the name but they can’t argue that their policies are “Provisional”

  • William

    What some of you forget is that George Robinson, was speaking as a Councillor [he’s also an East Londonderry MLA, elected on transfers from Gregory Campbell] and Councillors, of all parties look after the interests of their constitutency, the electorate who vote for them.

    That is what George was doing; he wasn’t thinking about Lisburn, where his DUPe colleagues were denying other parties part of the action on the Transition committee.

    This mindset is noticeable in the current North-West furore over the siting of the Project Kelvin at Coleraine. Sinn Fein and SDLP MLAs and Councillors from Derry / Londonderry are up in arms, whilst their Coleraine counterparts, not known for being mute [i.e. John Dallat MLA of the Stoopes and Shinner Billy Leanord] who haven’t said a dicky bird. Even quieter is the DUPe’s Greedy Gregory, who has a foot in boot camps….MLA for Coleraine and a Councillor in Londonderry.

  • The Raven

    Interesting that Colr Anne abstained.

  • Sky Blue

    Interesting to hear poor George squealing. He didn’t speak up when his party joined forces (again) with SF/IRA to deny the UUP and SDLP a seat on this committee on Magherafelt Council.
    Will wait to hear what Gregory has to say. He can’t be to hard on his new “best friends” SF/IRA.

  • picador

    Facking tea-caddies! They’re all facking radio!

  • Roe Gem

    George didn’t mention Ballymoney, where malachey McCampbell SDLP, was denied a position. Surley George, Limavady balances what happened in Ballymoney – as far as I am aware Limavdy, Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle all become part of the Causeway Council.