“All the evidence is here.”

On Hearts and Minds tonight, Malachi O’Doherty on the real lessons from The Process™ here – “You don’t need to be sane and reasonable to make peace. You don’t even have to be a good politician.” Of course, it also helps to have well-placed friends.. and to keep moving, however slowly, towards the agreed objective. Even if you we end up with an incomplete, or partial, version of that objective.

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  • Lap

    Thought dathi really stuck it to that twirp attwood tonight, i loved the dig about incompetent ministers toward junior!

  • wassup

    Why is Paisley defending wilson? Was it not Wilson that was the only Duper to be interviewed about his resignation last year and he deliberately dropped Paisley in it?

  • ulsterfan

    I thought Attwood wiped the floor with Sf last night.
    Paisley could only grin and eventually admitted the Shinners were an easy touch in negotiations and at the Executive table.
    The DUP thought SDLP would put up a better opposition to Unionism.
    McKay looked like a wee boy standing on the touch line wanting to play with the big boys while they paid no attention to him.
    It was a bad performance for SF.

  • Mick

    Paisley was clearly being mischievous with his line about preferring the SDLP! Attwood came across as being smug and arrogant as we have come to expect, McKay performed good for a first outing on H&M;, better than Farry but the others have about 20 years more experience. Good point about the DUP having the only ministers who have been forced to resign, I think a lot of people have forgotten about that. McFarlane was good for the UUP but a lot of what Farry said went over my head.
    At the start Attwood turned an attack on Sammy Wilson into an attack on Sinnfein, won’t win him any votes.

  • ulsterfan

    Attwod gave SF a bloody nose.
    Why should he not attack his political opponents when they appear to be ineffective and incompetent.
    I hope the UU will continue to hold DUP accountable and SDLP perform a similar task on SF.
    McKay was ignored.
    Unionists did indeed resign but perhaps this is a sign of of being “honourable” in a parliamentary way and they now have to wait for others to be house trained as described by Trimble so many years ago.

  • Pete Baker

    I see the kaboodle is operating as usual..

    ..and ignoring the actual topic.

    I don’t suppose the commenters, so far, have taken the trouble to watch the video in the original post. Or read the text.