Libertas sent back to square one by Estonian MP…

Slightly embarrassing news for Libertas founder Declan Ganley yesterday… It looks like he didn’t quite have the backing he thought he had from the Latvian Estonian MP Igor Grazin to get him recognition as a political party from the European Union. It’s long been an ambition of Mr Ganley’s to transition Libertas from campaign group to pan European political party. They need seven national or European representatives to reach that status. Looks like the search for a seventh is back on.

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  • Paddy Matthews

    Estonian, not Latvian.

  • Fergal

    Russia didn’t accept Latvia as a Nation, seems Mick is following the trend.

  • Mick Fealty

    Doh! My brain is mush some mornings. Don’t know where that Latvian thing came from.

  • Don’t know where that Latvian thing came from.

    It’s worse than you thought.

    It was a Lativan thing (see your title)!