I send abusive emails, they ain’t what they used to be.

On an earlier thread that went sour on the site, suffered multiple comment deletes, closure of comments, edits and eventual suspension I was accused of sending an ‘abusive’ or was it ‘offensive’ (can’t recall exactly as it is now removed) email to a fellow blogger. Many people got to read the claim, I had no right of reply to that allegation and I won’t avail of one, I’ll just publish what I sent that was presented in such a manner and you can make your own judgement:

Hi xxxx,

Copying xxxxxx and Mick in on this.

Was very disappointed to see the footage from the Irish Republican Forum for Unity meeting go up with no commentary.

I understand you and xxxxx work as a team on the video capture stuff but as you didn’t attend and therefore couldn’t blog on the event had hoped you’d let me fit words around the video. I did mention this to xxxxxx on the way there and back.

Pity we didn’t get this ironed out in advance as I had wanted that meeting to feed into a no limits interview I’m doing with the Republican Network for Unity on Weds.

Screwed up a well planned series of pieces giving an insight into ‘dissident’ republicanism – guess I’ll have to get my own video camera.

Seriously gutted. I’d been working on this for weeks.


I’m just not as abusive as I used to be. Comments closed but I wasn’t letting that public allegation people would have read go unchallenged.

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