David McNarry and the Conservative link-up.

Just to pick up on some of David McNarry’s comments on Stormont Live on an ‘Irish Language Act’.

David McNarry : ‘Barry, if you are that fond of Ireland, you know, go sit in the Dáil’First of all, most unionists I feel would disagree with David’s implication that ‘Northern Ireland’ is not part of a geographical Ireland. One of the few things that I find many Nationalist and Unionists agree on is a distaste for the Southern State’s appropriation of the name Ireland.

Most nationalists of course find invitations such as David’s, or as it is normally put, ‘why don’t you just move down south?’ to be incidious and threatening.

However, as I stated on the other thread, I shall be writing to a number of Conservative MPs, including Mr. Cameron on this issue with respect to the Ulster Unionist link-up with the Tories (< Gael. ‘outlaws’ – quite) on the following points. 1. Is Mr McNarry’s attitude representation of Conservative Party policy? 2. Is it now the official policy of the Conservatives that Nationalists who seek language rights and / or self-determination be subject to such sentiments? Does this therefore extend to the Scottish Highlands and Wales? I could take my comunication further but I will keep it simple as this point, I’ll let yous know how I get on. (any suggestions btw?) UPDATE :

Tory (< Gael. Torach, ‘outlaw’)
McNarry (Mac Náraigh ‘son of the embarrased, ashamed one’)
Cameron (Camshrón ‘bent nose)

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