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News Letter: Executive will avoid education and the abandonment of the Maze proposals

Belfast Telegraph: Schools to face £200 million shortfall

Irish Times: The last days of the Anglo Empire…Irish Times: Gordon Brown: “We must respect the fact that innocent people lost their lives, and that should never be forgotten

Irish News: Report contains the potential to leave the past to historians:

After 2015 it will be for historians to try to unearth the truth as some are still trying to do about events in Ireland in 1920 and 1921 or in Spain between 1936 and 1939 or Russia under Stalin. That’s what historians are for. They don’t always succeed but nearly 15 years after the 1994 ceasefire surely no-one still believes they will receive either truth or justice from the British government who maintained the stage on which the tragedy here unfolded?

Irish News: Eames-Bradley is simply dragging people back in to relive the trauma of a past they thought they’d escaped and trying to re-write history in the process:

Journalists cheerleading for truth-recovery will, for example, argue that professional integrity, if nothing else, demands that they expose whatever they can about the past. Which would be fair enough, but for the fact that the same people have for years been sitting on truths about who did what to whom and at whose behest, and even who ordered certain atrocities. But they have never shown any inclination, professional or otherwise, to share this knowledge with the wider public. Indeed, most would run a mile at the suggestion that they should publish all that they know, even though there is little or no prospect of them being subject to legal proceedings if they did.

The Times (London) Hard to see Gordon Brown committing himself to a plan with an estimate of £300 million


Irish Examiner: Unions agree pay cut with Cowen

Irish Times: Cowen’s patient deal making neuters Opposition’s attack (for a time)…

Irish Independent: Opposition proposals from Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein

Irish Times: Central Bank predicts 4% contraction in the Republic’s economy


Financial Times: UK economy to slip by 2.8%

Daily Telegraph: Heathrow’s fifth runway narrowly passes Commons vote

The Independent (London): Chief Medical Officer recommends children should not be allowed to drink at home


Glasgow Herald: Pass the budget, or face an election. Although he added that the middle of a recession was not the time for one…

Glasgow Herald: Why the Greens could not support the money bill: the SNP’s proposal was weak on detail…

The Scotsman: Scottish recession is the steepest in the UK: food, drink and financial services all in decline…

The Economist: 2% of tourist businesses in Scotland expect an increase in demand this year and 76% foresee decline…


Financial Times: The humbling of Davos Man

The New Republic: Why attempts at reconciliation between science and religion are doomed to fail

World Hum: Che Guarvara the new Ronald McDonald of the Cuban revolution….

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