Eames Bradley report launched to protest

There will be plenty of time to pick over the detail of the Eames Bradley report. At its launch, however, there was little sign of any reconciliation with the meeting being disrupted by protestors. The one thing that seems to unite almost everyone is the unacceptability of the £12,000 which makes one wonder why two supposedly sensible, empathetic men in charge of the commission allowed this to happen: naivety or an attempt to deflect attention away from other parts of the report?

  • … the unacceptability of the £12,000

    Agreed. It goes beyond crass.

  • Driftwood

    Just about everyone I have spoken to today was appalled about this shameful payoff. Unbelievable.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    …and the families of the real innocents who were murdered by evil scum (who deliberately set out to murder), have to suffer the rest of their days either knowing that the killers will never be caught or have been released under the GFA.

    I’m absolutely disgusted at this pathetic pandering to terrorism. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Every citizen of N.Ireland should unite against these terrorist murderers, for they only want to legitimising their campaign of murder and are quite prepared to dishonour the innocence of the real victims to achieve that aim.


  • cut the bull

    I see willy now has past and present political representitives at his protests who agree with his views.
    Unlike other protests where politicians such as Michael Copeland and Jim Wells turned up agreeing with Willy that Sinn Fein were unfit to govern.
    Afterwards both Jim and Michael returned to the Assembly and Belfast city council and got on with the job of governing with those they deemed unfit to govern,Sinn Fein.
    At least with Jim Allister and Cedric Wilson you get what you see.
    Though Im not too sure if their input will be of any benefit to any body.

  • ??

    At least with Jim Allister and Cedric Wilson you get what you see.
    Though Im not too sure if their input will be of any benefit to any body.

    the few TUV councillors that there are work alongside sinn fein in their councils. SHould they resign?

  • cut the bull

    Thats a point that needs to be answered by unionist voters and victims families who are represented by Willy and the politicians who attend and speak at Fair protests.

  • Bemused

    Brilliant – more footage of these berks…


    A classic example of all that’s wrong with the North – shrill, bone-headed ranters making arses of themselves in public with neither the manners, breeding or self-insight to know or do any better. Wankers one and all

  • cut the bull

    More so, its a point that needs to be answered by those politicians temselves

  • ABC


    Every time Jim Allister goes to Brussels he sits in a chamber with 2 Sinn Fein MEPs. Perhaps he should resign from there also?

  • ABC

    Also, if Jim Allister was genuibnely concerned about victims why did the protest cards being held up by some protestors (I think I saw paid employee Sam Morrison) have to have the TUV logo printed on them?

    A cynical publicity stunt on JAs part.

  • Bemused

    ABC – Cynical? Publicity stunt? Jim Allister? Come, come dear boy…….

  • C

    Thankfully I am not a ‘victim’ of the Troubles for which I am grateful in many different ways.

    Having watched the latest embarrassment to emanate from a public forum in Northern Ireland, one of the ways in which I am grateful is to be spared the dissappointment of the leadership offered to some of the victims’ groups. Without getting bogged down in the merits of their arguments – concentration on the £12,000 payment is misleading in terms of everything proposed – the manner in which they displayed themselves to the world’s media today only serves to send a message to the world that NI remains a bitter little place.

    The report is only a consultation document and I cannot help but agree with ABC that for some presented a clear publicity opportunity – even worse and more cynical than the likes of Willie who ultimately cuts a tragic/tragi-comic figure.

    As previously noted – and has been demonstrated by other apsects of the transition – the devil is in the detail (of implementation). Am sure that an end to public inquiries would be welcomed by both the British security infratsructure and the British exchequer. The recognition payment may not and would be politically popular. There are still plenty of opportunities to cherry-pick!

    Ultimately, today’s event were a depressing reflection of Northern Ireland’s depressing past, rather than the postive step forward that could have been delivered.

  • Cushy Glenn

    Well I for one am glad that the trite sounbites of Denis Bradley and the sing song sanctimony of Lord Eames were not given the fawning deference that some on this thread would advocate. People should be angry about the waste of life we have endured. This report is a typical platitudinous waste of trees that will of course be buried, along with the real suffering of the victims.

    And while we’re at it, of course there’s a heirarchy of victims- though it varies depending on your politics. However there is a huge swathe of non-combatants who were innocent of any involvement in the conflict, and they ought to be treated differently from the Lenny Murphys and Thomas Begleys. The moral relativism of the report offends the morality of those who still posess a moral compass

  • Quagmire

    “I’m absolutely disgusted at this pathetic pandering to terrorism. It makes me sick to my stomach.”
    Posted by Ulsters my homeland on Jan 28, 2009 @ 01:18 PM

    I recall the singing bigot (Mc Crea) once saying in Westminister that it would make him sick to his stomach to share power with Republicans. It didn’t take him long to get over his gastro ailments.

  • Bemused

    Beautiful stuff Quagmire!

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m trying to understand what was going on in the initial scuffle. Who was the guy in the black shirt and tie remonstrating with the bould Willie, and what was he remonstrating about ?

  • aquifer

    There are more innocent victims than perpetrators, and the surviving families of dead terrorists are innocent until proven guilty, so what is the problem with paying 12K to be sure of compensating the loved ones of innocent victims?

    Unless some people are getting really upset at some fenians getting some cash, and would rather their own people go without than have them get it?

    Begrudgery: Recession on steriods.

  • Driftwood

    That money has to come from somewhere. And it aint us folk in NI. The mainland taxpayer should pay the family of Lenny Murphy (murder victim)instead of cancer research?.I’d love you to go on to a cancer ward and explain why.

  • USA

    “…and the families of the real innocents who were murdered by evil scum (who deliberately set out to murder)”
    Glad you finally recognise that FRU, E4A, Special Branch, UDR men, British Intellignece, RUC officers etc, all (on occasion) set out to deliberately murder innocent people. Then when things got too hot they then sent the Loyalist death squads instead.
    Only a handful of personell from the state agencies were ever convicted in a court of law, despite these agencies being responsible directly and indirectly for hundreds of murders.

    I was never too happpy with the proposed 12K payment, simply because it was crass. Willie Frazer, Jim Allister and their sash wearing brethern should be ashamed of themselves. They focused on one part of the discussion report and engaged in a disgraceful publicity stunt. Shameful that some within the unionist community think it is acceptable to behave in this manner.
    This has put a dent into the environment of reconcilliation Eames and Bradley are trying to create.
    The protestors are bitter people with nothing constructive to offer society. Poor Willie Frazer probably needs some kind of councilling, and I mean that in a good way.
    At least you now know from what quarter the nay-sayers come, now you should isolate them.
    Some constructive feedback could yet be of value to Eames / Bradley and therefore society, but todays publicity stunt by the TUV is not the way. From here in the US it seems that Jim Allister even ran over to the BBC to get on the David Dunseith show, but the head of the police department quickly became aware of the situation and got on his cell phone to beat him to the punch.
    Seems Allister had given the whole thing some planning and tried to use the element of suprise to his advantage.

  • Comrade Stalin

    aquifier, the trouble is that payments will be made to the relatives of people who were killed while engaging in an act of terrorism. Thomas Begley for example.

    I can’t think of any reasonable definition of victimhood that includes someone like Begley, or Lenny Murphy, outside of the stupid woolly ones that say everyone is a victim because society made them kill people.


    You’re absolutely right about Jim Allister and his crass abuse of this situation for political gain. I hope that people will see through it.

  • ABC

    The one person I feel most sorry for in yesterday’s debacle was Michelle Williamson. That poor woman has clearly never got over the death of her two parents (how could one ever get over something like that?), yet with all she has suffered it seems as though some politicians just can’t stop exploiting her grief.

    First it was Trimble and Ken Maginness accompanying her to Belfast High Court for a Judical Reviw of Sean Kelly’s release, even though both of them knew fine well there was nothing could be done to prevent it (they wrote the Agreement for flip’s sake!)

    Then it was Anti-Agreement UUP folks smuggling her in to UUC meetings to speak against going in to government with SF.

    Then it was FAIR (with their pro-TUV bias) getting her to put her name on the Judicial Review of the appointment of the Victims Commission and now Jim Allister’s gang using her as a prop in yesterday’s protest.

    This lady needs to be helped (I don’t mean that in a condascending or patronising way), not used and abused by some with a political agenda.

    Jim Allister did himself no favours yesterday. It’s one thing to be a right-wing Unionist but to engage in the behaviour he did was wrong – standing to the side of the protestors, whilst they took abuse was just plain wrong.

    One other point: the bloke wearing the collarette was breaking Grand Lodge rules in doing so.

  • ABC

    Also, did Jim Allister ever defend anyone in court who was convicted of terrorist offences? Surely he wouldn’t have profited from defending terrorists?

  • Cushy Glenn

    Not a bad set of points
    Michelle clearly is suffering, but so too is Willie fraser, and you’d hardly think it to see some of the vile posts about him on Slugger

    And I don’t know if Jim Allister ever defended a terrorist client, but if he did it’s a lot less hypocritical than Adams sitting in the meeting like a concerned statesman, or the people crass enough to invite him-NIO goons of the most cynical and amoral type no doubt. Allister never carried a multiple murderer’s coffin, and people need to remember that. However deplorable his sensitivities might seem to some, his is the moral high ground there.

    The protest wasn’t pretty, but when did anyone last tell Adams to his face what all right thinking persons-orange, green, and white- must surely think about him? The world needs to know that he’s neither a statesman nor a peacemaker.

    If TUV annoyed a few holier-than-thous yesterday, well more power to Jim’s elbow!

  • ABC


    It was noticeable that Jim was to the side of the protest – not leading from the front as one would imagine – the TUV was using those people.

  • dunreavynomore

    “shrill, boneheaded ranters…neither the manners, breeding or self-insight…Wankers one and all.” O’K, so that’s Bradley Eames and co told,was it not a bit “shrill” though and lacking in manners, etc, but what did you think of Willie? “Wankers one and all” would that be the language of the mannered, well bred insightfull type? If so I’ll choose Willie.

  • Bemused

    Dunreavynomore – thanks for that incoherent babble……

  • Stephen Dedalus

    Willie Frazer: “I’m absolutely disgusted at this pathetic pandering to terrorism. It makes me sick to my stomach.” …..

    “Ummm, can I have a gun, for ummm, personal protection?”

    Police: ” Absolutely not! We have RELAIBLE INTELLIGENCE that you are linked to LOYALIST TERRORIST GROUPS !

    High Court Judge: U want a judicial review Mr frazer….ummm no, you’re a terrorist.

  • dunreavynomore

    Your welcome.