‘An opportunistic conviction’?

There was a surprisingly sudden conclusion to an oft delayed court case lasting nearly two years last week.

Members of éirígí who had been facing charges over their protests against the Iraq war and Tony Blair when he came to welcome in the latest Stormont regime finally saw a end to a trial that has lasted close to two years, has been subject to over 10 adjournments and multiple reductions in charges.

On the only day that one of the defendants, Dominic McGlinchey, didn’t attend the court (he claims from mixing up the dates), prosecution and judiciary suddenly found their feet. The charges against the two that did attend were dismissed and seemingly as a result of McGlinchey’s non-attendance he was found guilty of the same charges on what seems to be the same evidence and a bench warrant has now been issued for his arrest. The delays afforded to the PSNI, CPS etc throughout the trial for excuses ranging from the flu to being on a training course on numerous trial dates were not extended to one defendant on this single occasion…..

éirígí’s own coverage explains this odd sequence better than I could [and by god it is odd – Ed (not Pete)]

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